Summer Jackets for Kids

As spring progresses, the weather eventually becomes too warm for a winter jacket, but too cold to send the kids outside without a jacket. With our summer jackets for kids, you can keep your kids from getting cold during that part of the season. For boys and girls who already have a sense of style at a young age, we have a large selection of high-quality summer jackets.

We know exactly how kids want to look these days. After all, many of our adult customers once started wearing an Airforce winter jacket or summer jacket for kids. Once they had grown out of their kids’ jackets, they did not want anything else than an Airforce jacket. Our collections enable you to buy fantastic jackets for your entire family at our online store.

Comfortable Summer Jackets for Children

If you want a top-quality summer jacket for a great price, you can find it at our web shop. For over twenty years, we have been working with the best available fabrics. That way, we can assure you that an Airforce kids’ jacket will have a long life. It is important to us that our jackets are stylish and fashionable for more than just one season, as sadly is the case with many stand-out jackets. A timeless, stylish design that your kids love to wear for a long time: that is what Airforce stands for. With that philosophy, we have come up with a myriad of beautiful designs that are basic and always modern. All of this makes an Airforce summer jacket a durable choice for more than one season. In addition, we offer great value for money on all our jackets.

Naturally, a jacket has to be comfortable. For our summer jackets, that is just as relevant as for our winter jackets. A summer jacket should be lightweight and airy, so your kids can go outside without a care in the world when the sun shines. A comfortable summer jacket will make your son or daughter feel good. What remains is to find the perfect jacket to fit your child’s taste. Colourful, frilly bombers for girls and trendy lightweight jackets for boys: all of these can be found at Airforce’s web shop. You can go and have a look together. If a jacket makes both of you enthusiastic, that is a sure sign that you have found the perfect summer jacket for your kid.

From Toddler to Teenager

Airforce kids’ jackets are available in sizes 2 to 16. In this case, the size roughly corresponds with your kid’s age — although some kids grow significantly faster than others. We make no distinction between toddlers and teenagers when it comes to our designs, as we think that kids’ fashion is something that should be taken as seriously as adult fashion. This means we use the same fabrics and designs, but in kids’ sizes. By using the same fabrics, we can ensure the quality that we are renowned for.

Some parents ask us whether it is necessary to buy a top-quality jacket for kids, as they play outside often. We would say that ordering a good jacket is important because they play outside. A summer jacket made out of cheap fabrics may appear to be a good solution initially, but those materials tear easily. If your kid wears an Airforce jacket, you don’t need to worry about that, so we would definitely say a quality jacket for your son or daughter is worth investing in.

Due to their superior quality, Airforce jackets can be worn all summer long. They are windproof and water repellent, which are excellent properties for when the weather suddenly changes. Of course, our jackets are not actual rain coats, but they offer enough protection to find shelter without getting soaked when it suddenly starts raining. In addition, it is important to us that your kids have all the freedom they need to move when they wear our jackets.

Types of Jackets

Our summer collection for kids contains a wide variety of jackets. This allows you to choose the exact jacket your son or daughter needs. One of the questions you could ask yourself to determine which jacket is the right one is: how warm should the summer jacket be? A Metal Memory bomber, for instance, is much thinner and lighter than a padded jacket. Are you looking for a jacket that can also be worn during the early spring or during the autumn? In that case, a padded summer jacket is an excellent choice. And if you need a jacket to take along with you just in case during a warm day, a thin bomber jacket will do the trick.

However, your kid’s taste is just as important. Many girls love our pink padded jackets, for instance, because they are both cool and girly. Boys often prefer hooded jackets with patterns, as they tend to look like a hoodie rather than a jacket. In addition, kids usually have a favourite colour. A basic softshell jacket in their favourite colour is always a great choice. We recommend that parents select their kids’ jacket together with their children, as children often know very well what they like.

Buy Summer Jackets for Kids Online

Trying to find the perfect summer jacket for your kid in a shopping mall can be a very time-consuming task. Children often lack the patience to look through all of these clothing stores, especially if there are many of them around. Also, these clothing stores usually have limited space available and as a result, they have a limited number of jackets in stock. All of these inconveniences are a thing of the past if you visit the Airforce web shop. You only have to visit one place and we will send you the perfect jacket for your kid as quickly as possible. Buying a summer jacket for kids has never been easier.

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