Children’s Winter Coats

Even during the coldest of winters, children are unlikely to stay inside. Airforce's children's winter coats will provide your son or daughter with all the protection they need against the winter cold. But they will also allow your kids to play and go to school comfortably. Your child will love the comfort and the trendy designs of our children's winter jackets.

Children's Parkas to Get Through the Winter

A large part of our collection of boys' winter jackets and girls' winter jackets consists of parkas . Parkas are very popular winter jackets, both for children and adults. These long, sturdy winter jackets sport minimalist designs that go well with just about anything. We offer parkas for girls and boys in sizes 2 to 16. Our children's sizes roughly correspond with the age of your son or daughter, but of course, children do grow at different rates. Please consult our size chart for the exact sizes of our children's winter coats.

Parkas are thigh-length winter coats that originate from two of the coldest regions in the world: Siberia and Alaska. This means that parkas are very well-suited to wear as warm winter jackets . Parkas are windproof and water-repellent. The sleeves feature cuffs with thumbholes, offering additional protection against the cold. Many children are big fans of this feature. At Airforce's online store, we offer various parka designs, which can most commonly be distinguished by details such as the amount of pockets, the types of pockets and the hoods. All our parkas are available in various colours.

Padded Jackets for Kids

However, parkas aren't the only children's winter coats you can find at our online store. Our padded children's jackets are beloved winter jackets for children as well, such as our Ash Jackets and Jade Jackets for girls. Our Ash Jacket is a short, rugged bomber jacket with a tall, upright collar, while our Jade Jacket is a longer hooded, padded jacket. Long winter coats like our Jade Jackets are super warm and have a lovely feminine appearance. Both types of jacket feature cuffs with thumbholes for additional warmth.

For boys, we offer our Robin Jackets and our Dennis Jackets. These hip-length jackets are padded, which means they will keep your son warm through the winter. The Robin and Dennis Jackets can be distinguished by how many pockets they have. Dennis Jackets have five pockets with various closures, giving the jacket a rather playful appearance. Robin Jackets are a bit more minimalist and feature two zipped pockets. Both jackets have high closures to keep out the cold, which is further enhanced by the fact that they are both hooded. Naturally, our padded jackets will also keep your kid warm and dry during the winter months.

High-Quality Coats for Children

At Airforce, we think children's jackets deserve to be taken as seriously as our jackets for adults. When you browse our winter collection for girls and boys, you will probably notice that most of our children's winter coats are actually smaller versions of our winter jackets for women and men. This is because children deserve to wear jackets that are every bit as robust and stylish as those worn by grown-ups. Children tend to go outside at least as much as adults do during the winter. That is why we think it just makes sense for children to wear a high-quality winter jacket .

Another reason to go for a high-quality winter coat for children is the fact that children can be careless when they play outside. It would simply be a waste to let your kid go outside while wearing a winter jacket that is easily damaged. Airforce winter jackets are made to perform under extreme circumstances, so they can definitely take a hit. Even when children wearing them play among thorny branches or fall off their skateboards, our winter jackets will endure. This is the high quality that sets Airforce apart.

Buying Children's Winter Coats Online

At Airforce's online store, you can conveniently buy the best children's winter coats from the comfort of your own home. You can find a surprisingly varied selection of winter coats for children in our winter collections for boys and girls. Why not sit down with your kid and find his or her perfect winter jacket together? We have included high-quality photos from multiple angles on the product pages of all our winter jackets. This way, you can see how the jacket will look, even on the sides and on the back. All our winter jackets feature our iconic logo, and our children's winter coats are no exception. That way, everyone will be able to see that your kid is wearing a top-quality winter jacket.

Our online store doesn't just offer thick, warm winter jackets for children. We also offer a wide range of other children's garments that are suited for all seasons. For instance, we also offer summer jackets for children that live up to the same high quality standards as our winter jackets. In addition, you can find T-shirts, sweaters , hoodies , shorts and long trousers for kids of all ages at our online store. All of these garments have been made in Airforce's characteristic style: robust, trendy and durable. Has your kid grown out of his or her children's winter coat? A winter jacket for men or women sporting the same design will offer the exact amount of comfort he or she has got used to!