Children’s Winter Coats

Children will not stay cooped up inside, not even during winter. So it’s important that children have a proper winter coat so they can comfortably play outside and go to school. Read this page to learn all about winter coats for children.

Wear a Parka to Get Through the Winter

A big part of our winter collection for children consists of parkas. The parka is a very popular coat, for both children and adults. The length, the sturdy materials used and the minimalist design make the parka a coat that everyone can appreciate. We offer various parkas for girls and boys, in our sizes 2 to 16. Our children’s sizes roughly correspond with the age of the wearer, assuming an average that you may have to correct for. Children do grow at different rates so use the sizes as a first estimation.

The parka is a long winter coat that ends on the thighs. Parkas originated in two of the colders parts of the world: Siberia and Alaska. This means that parkas are very well suited for use as warm winter coats. A parka is windproof and water repellant. The sleeves close off well due to the long cuffs with thumb holes we’ve added. Most children are a real fan of this feature. Our different parka designs mostly vary in the details, like the amount of pockets, what kind of pockets they have and their hood. All models of parka are available in various colours.

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Padded Jackets

Besides parkas we offer lovely padded jackets for children. Among the coats for girls we have the Ash jacket and the Jade jacket. The Ask is a short, tough-looking bomber jacket with a tall, upright collar.

Just like the parkas, our padded jackets feature cuffs with thumbholes for extra warmth. The Jade jacket is a longer padded coat with a hood. A long padded coat like the Jade jacket is super warm and looks quite feminine.

Among the coats for boys we offer the Robin and Dennis jacket. These jackets both end just under the hips. Both are padded, so great for keeping your kid warm through the winter. Where these designs differ is the amount of pockets added. The Dennis jacket has five pockets that close in different ways. This gives the jacket a more playful design and it is a bit busier on the eye. The Robin jacket is more minimalist, it has two pockets with a zipper. Both jackets close high to keep out the cold, and both come with a hood. Our padded jackets also keep the rain out very well.

Top Quality Coats for Children

At Airforce, we spend as much time on our coats for children as we do on our coats for adults. If you browse our collection, you will notice that many of our children’s coats are actually just smaller versions of our winter coats for adults.

This is because we take children seriously and feel that, just like adults, they deserve a proper, robust and stylish winter coat. Children spend just as much time outside as adults do in winter, perhaps even more! At Airforce we think that children who play outside really ought to have a good winter coat.

Another reason to choose a high quality winter coat for children is that kids playing outside can be careless. It would be a waste so send your kids out in a winter jacket that easily rips or tears. Airforce winter coats are really made to take outside, so they can take a few hits before they get damaged. Even if children wearing them play into the bushes or if they fall from a skateboard, our coats will endure. It is this high quality that sets Airforce apart.

Buying Winter Coats Online

The best winter coats for children are conveniently available in Airforce’s online shop. You can find all our winter coats for children in our winter collection.

Why not sit down with your kid and pick out a nice winter coat together. We include high quality photos, made from multiple angles, for all our winter coats. That way you can see how the coat falls, even on the side and the back. All our winter jackets are equipped with a logo, those for children are no exception. That way, everyone can see that you’ve chosen quality.

Ordering from Airforce is very easy and we always ship your order as soon as possible. Usually this happens in 1 to 3 days, so there’s no long wait at all. Besides thick, warm winter coats for children, we also carry a lot of other products for children, suited to any season. For instance, we offer light coats and summer jackets for children, made with the same quality as our winter coats. We also carry boys’ clothing and lovely accessories for everyone. All our products share that Airforce style, they’re robust, trendy and long lasting.