Summer Jackets

The sun is shining, the sky is blue… But it is still slightly too cold to go outside without a jacket. For those chilly mornings, late evenings and cool summer days, we have a selection of beautiful summer jackets in our web shop.

Summer Jackets for Men

Our men’s summer jackets vary wildly in style. From robust, practical softshell jackets to hooded jackets with bright colours and trendy prints; Airforce knows that every customer has his own style. And yet, we have dedicated our designs to making the ideal summer jacket available to everyone. Our jackets have one thing in common and that is their excellent quality. If you buy an Airforce summer jacket, you know that it will be well-made and comfortable, and will remain so for many more years. This applies to all available jackets in our web shop; from our bombers to our bodywarmers and from our trench coats to our padded summer jackets.

That is just a small selection of all the types of summer jackets available at our online store. Which summer jacket is the best choice for you is of course highly dependent on your own taste and demands. However, it might be a good idea to keep in mind when you are going to wear your summer jacket. If you are looking for a jacket to wear when it is still a bit chilly outside, we recommend ordering a padded men’s summer jacket. Padded summer jackets are lightweight and breathable, but will still keep you warm when they need to. That makes them the ideal jackets for a morning hike or the cycling trip to work.

Are you looking for a light jacket that is easy to take along with you to the beach or the park to put on if the temperatures start to drop later in the evening? In that case, our hooded jackets are the perfect choice. The flexible fabric and trendy prints of these summer jackets make them look casual and fun. The thin fabric will keep you warm and provide protection against the wind, but you can also take it off easily and put it in your bag or tie it around your waist when the temperatures start to go back up again.

Gorgeous Summer Jackets for Women

For women, we also have a large selection of gorgeous summer jackets in different designs. Not unlike men, women who are looking for a summer jacket that offers a certain degree of warmth are best off ordering a padded jacket. We offer padded women’s jackets in a wide variety of summery colours, such as light pink, bright yellow and clear blue. Our longer softshell summer jackets are nice and warm, because they shield a large part of your body from the wind. We offer water repellent jackets exclusively, so even if the weather is unpredictable and during summer rain showers, you can rely on your Airforce jacket to keep you warm and dry.

We also have a selection of thinner summer jackets for women, such as our Metal Memory Bombers. These are gorgeous bomber jackets for women. Since a bomber jacket is waist-long, it makes an ideal summer jacket. A bomber jacket looks sporty, especially with our logo badge on its sleeve. Are you a fan of the bomber’s design? We also offer a softshell oversized bomber. As its name implies, this jacket runs a lot larger than our other bomber jackets, creating an interesting silhouette. The bottom of this oversized bomber can be made tighter or looser using the elastic and buttons located there.

Don’t Forget the Kids!

Adults are not the only ones in need of a beautiful summer jacket. Kids also need summer jackets. They possibly need them even more, as kids tend to spend a lot of time outside. We take kids seriously at Airforce and that is why we use the same designs for kids as for our adult jackets. And that doesn’t stop at the designs: our jackets for kids are of the same renowned quality as our men’s jackets and women’s jackets. Teenagers in particular are very fond of the robust, no-nonsense style of Airforce jackets. Our kids’ fashion is made for kids aged 2 to 16 years old. Our kids’ summer jackets are a part of the Airforce summer collection for kids.

For kids, we also have a collection of padded summer jackets, softshell summer jackets and bomber jackets. If you are looking for a jacket for your kid, it is important to buy a jacket that is made out of quality fabrics. Kids play outside a lot and are not always careful with their clothes when they do so. A good children’s summer jacket can handle that. It is something we keep in mind when designing our jackets and as a result, you can expect your kid’s Airforce jacket to survive the summer. In addition, using the same designs for children and adults allows you to mix and match with your kids!

Buy Summer Jackets Online

The easiest way to obtain your new summer jacket is buying one online. Airforce’s web shop allows you to easily buy the perfect jacket for the upcoming summer. We have a wide selection of beautiful, robust and trendy summer jackets for everybody and every situation. Our catalogue allows you to filter by various characteristics, such as colour, size and budget. This enables you to find your ideal summer jacket quickly. And since we have added photos and videos of all our jackets, you can see how the jacket runs and how it will move along with your body when you wear it.

Airforce clothing can be worn all year round. When the summer is about to end, you can already search for a new winter jacket in our winter collection. We keep our eyes on the latest fashion and apply that knowledge to designs that have proven timeless, making our jackets trendy at all times. This makes the Airforce web shop the perfect place for a good transitional jacket or summer jacket, but also for a thick, padded winter jacket or a robust parka. Airforce protects you against wind, rain and low temperatures during every season.