Women's Padded Jackets

A women's padded jacket wil help you get through the winter as warmly and comfortably as possible. However, we also offer a wide selection of thinner padded jackets at Airforce. These jackets are perfectly suited to wear during sprint, autumn or a chilly summer day for a little additional warmth. All our padded women's jackets are robust, durable and always fashionable.

A Lightweight Lining for Additional Warmth

A padded jacket consists of three layers: an outer shell that is exposed to the elements, an inner shell that is worn directly on top of your shirt or jumper and a thick lining made out of insulating fabric between those two layers. Most of our padded women's jackets are quilted to keep their linings in place. However, the quilted design also gives these jackets their signature look. This appearance gives a padded jacket a robust, sporty flair that is very well-suited to women with an outdoorsy fashion style. At the same time, you can wear your padded jacket to work or on a romantic date.

Many of our padded women's jackets are equipped with a DuPont™ Sorona® lining. This is a plant-based alternative to down. That means that no animals were harmed in order to produce the jacket's lining. A jacket with a Sorona® lining is warm and surprisingly lightweight. As such, the jacket doesn't just protect you against winter weather; it is also highly comfortable. You can wear your padded jacket in any kind of weather, though a women's summer jacket is of course the better option when temperatures suddenly increase significantly.

Warm, Padded Jackets for Women

Short or Long Padded Women's Jacket?

Every padded women’s coat is perfectly suitable as a women's winter jacket . After that comes the next important choice: do you want to wear a short padded jacket or a long padded jacket? The right choice largely depends on your own preferences. Fortunately, our selection of padded jackets is highly varied. Airforce's online store offers the perfect padded jacket for everyone. All of our padded jackets are made out of high-quality fabrics and sport designs based on jackets that have been popular for many decades, such as bomber jackets and trench coats.

Long women's coats tend to be warmer than short women's jackets, because they cover a larger part of your body. When we speak of long winter coats , they usually come to halfway down the thighs or even longer. A long jacket is the perfect choice if you get gold quickly or if you wear relatively thin trousers or tights during the winter. A dress with a padded women's trench coat will look really classy, but also has a somewhat sporty appearance. Most of our longer winter jackets are hooded jackets . That makes these jackets a great choice to wear when it rains or if your ears get cold quickly.

A short winter jacket offers different benefits, one of them being that short jackets always look nice and sporty. In addition, short jackets allow your legs to move a bit more freely, making them ideal jackets to wear while cycling or working out. Our padded bomber jackets aren't hooded, but they do feature upright collars that will keep your neck warm. You won't have to wear a scarf if you wear one of these women's bomber jackets . A short padded jacket makes for a great winter jacket, but also works well as a light coat for between seasons .

Sporty and Warm: Padded Women's Bombers
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    As low as €119.97 Regular Price €199.95
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Combining Padded Jackets with Other Garments

Airforce winter jackets are very easily matched with other items of clothing. Especially padded winter jackets in a neutral colour, like navy blue or black, will match almost any other garment. A long padded coat looks beautiful when worn over a dress or a skirt, especially when the skirt is longer than the coat. But padded jackets can also be worn over a pair of trousers. Since Airforce's quilted jackets are made of high-quality fabrics, they will always look sensible. This makes them perfectly suited for nearly every occasion.

Most of our jackets have dark or earthy tones. However, there are exceptions to this. We offer various types of red padded jackets for men and women. Our range of puffer jackets for women will always feature one or more brighter colours. Such a jacket is a great choice for women who want their outfit to stand out. The advantage of a neutral colour, on the other hand, is that it matches just about any outfit. Our online store offers the perfect padded jacket for everyone.

Brightly coloured puffer jackets look quite casual. A padded trench coat in an earthy colour is a bit more formal. The former is the better choice to wear to a sports match or while walking the dog, while the latter is a better fit to a fancy night out or a business lunch. Ultimately though, your outfit is an expression of your personality and style. As such, we recommend wearing a jacket that will make you feel comfortable first and foremost.

Long, Padded Women's Jackets: Our Beloved Grace Jackets
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    As low as €202.97 Regular Price €289.95
    As low as €202.97 Regular Price €289.95

Buying Padded Women’s Jackets Online

You can buy Airforce padded women’s jackets conveniently at our online store. We offer padded jackets for women in various colours, shapes and sizes. We have even made it easier for you to find the perfect padded jacket, for instance by adding filters to specify your search results. Did you find the padded jacket of your dreams? As soon as we have received your order, we will make sure that it will be delivered to your house as quickly as possible.