Women’s Padded Jackets

Women’s Padded Jackets

How can you keep warm and comfortable all through the winter? With a women’s padded jacket of course! At Airforce we have a large collection of beautiful, sturdy and durable women’s coats, all of which are wonderfully warm.

Warm Lining

A padded coat has three layers: two layers of fabric with a thick lining of insulating material in between. The coats are quilted to keep the lining in its proper place. This gives the jacket its signature structured look. Some of the jackets in our collection have Sorona® DuPont padding. This is a plant based alternative to down. These paddings are just as insulating and warm as down. Because of this you can wear it all year round, although we advise wearing a summer jacket when it gets hot.

Short or Long Coat

Short or Long Coat?

Every padded women’s coat is perfectly suitable as a winter coat. In the Airforce online shop we have both short padded jackets and long padded coats. Which winter coat is best for you depends largely on your own personal preferences. There are models based on trench coats or bomber jackets and others which are long and straight. We have the perfect padded jacket in our collection for every customer.

Long women’s coats are warmer than short ones, simply because they cover more of the body. Long coats are ideal if you get chilly quickly or if you often wear skinny jeans or tights. Wearing a dress underneath a padded coat is a very classy look, but can also be sporty. Most of our long winter coats have a hood, which makes them perfect to wear in the rain or to keep your ears from freezing.

A short winter jacket has other advantages. Short jackets look more sporty and short puffer jackets give you more freedom of movement. Our padded bomber jackets don’t have a hood, but they do have a high collar which keeps your neck warm and snug. This makes scarves unnecessary with this coat. A short puffer jacket makes a great winter coat, but can also be used as a light coat because of its length. You can have a casual look with an open padded bomber jacket while staying precisely warm enough for spring and fall.

Combining Padded Jackets

Combining Padded Jackets

What’s wonderful about winter coats is that they are so easy to combine with other clothes. Notably padded winter coats with a quiet colour, like navy blue or black, match well with almost anything. A long padded coat looks beautiful worn over a dress or skirt, especially when the skirt is longer than the coat. Of course padded coats can also be worn over pants. The quilted coats of Airforce always look trim, because of their high quality. This makes them perfectly suited for every occasion.

Most of our coats have dark or earthly tones. However, there are exceptions to this. We have various models of coats in red. In our range of puffer jackets you can even find bright green colours. This is a great choice for women who love flashy colours. With our broad range of beautiful padded jackets we have something for everyone.

Brightly coloured puffer jackets look quite casual. A padded trench coat in a quiet colour is already more formal. The first is perfect for a sporting match or taking the dog for a walk, while the second is better suited to a luxurious night out or a business lunch. But in the end your clothing is mostly an expression of your own personality and style. So buy a coat that you feel great in!

Buying a Padded Women’s Coat Online

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Buying a Padded Women’s Coat Online

You can buy Airforce padded women’s jackets at our online shop. We have made our catalog as accessible as possible by adding filters you can use to specify your search results. For example, there are filters for different colours, models or sizes. You can also search for coats in a particular price range. Did you find the coat of your dreams? You can order it directly. We ship your order as fast as possible - usually within 1 to 3 days.

At Airforce we have more than just beautiful jackets for women. We have clothes for the entire family. Take a look at our men’s clothing or our children’s clothes. Read more about our padded coats for men. We also have all kinds of accessories to complete your look.