Padded Jacket

A padded jacket is a must-have when temperatures start to drop. Padded jackets have been lined with insulating fabric, which will keep your upper body warm even during the coldest days of the year. If you choose to wear an Airforce padded jacket, you can even be sure that you will look your best when you go outside. At our online store, you can find padded jackets in various colours. All of them have been made out of long-lasting fabrics.

When to Wear a Padded Jacket

Since a padded jacket is significantly warmer than a jacket that hasn’t been lined, padded jackets tend to be winter jackets . These jackets’ linings will protect you against the cold in two different ways. First of all, the lining forms a thick layer that will keep the cold on the outside of your jacket. Also, it has air pockets that will retain the heat from your body. If you combine those qualities with an outer fabric that is both water-resistant and windproof, which you can find on the outside of every Airforce jacket, you will stay warm no matter what. Even if you have to go through the rain or snow on a cold day.

Our online store also offers padded summer jackets, however. These jackets contain a lining that isn’t quite as thick, but still nice and warm due to its insulating qualities. Most people wear a padded summer jacket as a light jacket for between seasons . A padded jacket from Airforce’s online store is perfectly suitable for such days, as it has a lining that is very lightweight despite its warmth. Padded jackets used to be lined with down. These days, synthetic fabrics have made it possible to make an insulating lining that is just as lightweight. Most of our padded jackets have been lined with DuPont™ Sorona©, a lightweight fabric without any components of animal origin.

Trendy Padded Jackets for Women
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    As low as €174.97 Regular Price €249.95

Trendy Padded Jackets for Women

Although the fact that our padded jackets should keep you as warm as possible is of great importance to us, we think the designs of our jackets are important as well. Because of this, Airforce’s padded women’s jackets will not just protect you against the cold; they will also make you look very stylish. Many of our padded women’s jackets are quilted. This way, the stitching will keep the lining in place, which in turn makes our jackets extra reliable when it concerns warmth. In addition, a quilted padded jacket also has a cool, sporty appearance.

The sizes of the spaces between the stitches vary from jacket to jacket. Our women’s puffer jackets , for instance, feature relatively large spaces between the stitches, which is further emphasized by the fact that they are hip-length jackets and therefore, slightly shorter than our other women’s winter jackets . Our Jade Jacket and Janet Jacket are padded as well, but they are significantly longer. The Jade Jacket reaches about halfway down your thighs, while the Janet Parka is a long, knee-length women’s parka . Our Padded Jackets and Hooded Padded Jackets are both padded summer jackets for women that are either hip-length or slightly longer. Because they are waisted, they will accentuate your figure.

All of our padded women’s jackets feature plain designs and colours that will remain in fashion for a long time to come. These colours will match nearly every outfit. That is why most of our padded women’s jackets are available in neutral colours. A black jacket or a beige jacket , for instance, will match almost everything. Since our fabric were made to last for years, we think it is important your padded jacket will remain fashionable throughout. All the more reason to keep wearing your padded jacket.

Padded Summer Jackets for Women
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High-Quality Padded Jackets for Men

We also offer a nice selection of padded jackets for men. These jackets are characterized by cool designs that will last a long time. In fact, some of our most popular men’s winter jackets are padded jackets with a sporty, quilted look. Our Robin Jacket and Otis Jacket, for instance, are among our bestsellers every winter. Both types of jackets have a warm lining that will remain in place. We also offer various padded parkas for men , such as our Chuck Parka and our Mitchell Parka. No matter which of these padded men’s jackets are the best fit for your style, we guarantee they will be warm and comfortable.

Are you looking for a padded men’s jackets for the spring or early autumn instead? Then make sure to check out the Padded Jackets and Hooded Padded Jackets among our summer jackets for men. Both of these jackets sport similar designs, but of course, a Hooded Padded Jacket features a hood. These jackets weigh very little, but are guaranteed to keep you warm on a cold morning or evening. We even offer a selection of padded gilets as part of our summer collection for men . These men’s gilets look like our Padded Jackets, only sleeveless, allowing your arms more room to move freely.

Padded Jackets for Men
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Ordering Padded Jackets Online

A padded jacket is an excellent choice if you are looking for some additional warmth during cold days. Especially if you order your padded jacket at Airforce’s online store, where you can find many padded jackets for both men and women in various designs. One thing they all have in common, however, is that they are made to last as long as possible and look great all the while. If you order your new padded jacket today, we will make sure it reaches your home as quickly as possible.