Light Jackets

Most people need a winter jacket for the coldest time of year and a summer jacket for the warmer days. However there is a time during spring and autumn when summer jackets are just too cold and winter jackets are much too warm. That is the ideal time for a light jacket.

Trendy Light Jackets for Women

Our Women’s Collection

At Airforce, we offer a beautiful collection of women's winter jackets and women's summer jackets , many of which are suitable as light jackets. Not every jacket is suitable as a between-seasons jacket, however, as thin bomber jackets and thicker winter jackets are made specifically for their own seasons. A more suitable choice is for example a long women’s coat made with softshell materials. Since softshell is a relatively thin fabric, it is ideal for summer jackets. Softshell is also windproof and water-repellent.

Our padded jackets with Sorona DuPont® linings are suited as light jackets. A padded jacket, no matter how thin, is always warmer than a jacket without a lining. The lining in our padded light jackets is not made of down, but an environmentally friendly synthetic material. This summer jacket, which doubles as a light jacket, is available in many different colours, so you can always find one that suits you. We mostly use neutral colours at Airforce . This way our jackets always fit your outfit.

Are you looking for a warmer light jacket? In that case you should take a look at our winter collection. Although a short winter jacket like our Ash Jacket has thicker padding than the padded jackets in our women’s summer collection , it can still be worn as a light jacket. This jacket accentuates your body, because it is waisted. Our Ash Jackets and Padded Jackets are very similar in design. If you have become a fan of our padded summer jackets, you can start wearing your Ash Jacket in the winter, or vice versa.

High-Quality Light Jackets for Men

Men’s Light Jackets

Women aren’t the only ones who can wear a light jacket. We also offer a couple of great options for men at our online store. You can find some sturdy padded summer jackets with eco-friendly linings in our men’s collection. Both our Padded Jackets and our Sorona Jackets are very suitable as light jackets for men . They are a bit warmer that the average summer jacket, but not thick enough to use as a ski jacket. This makes them ideal to wear in the spring and fall, when your parka is too hot, but a hoodie alone won’t keep you warm enough.

Our selection of men's winter jackets offers several options. Besides the Sorona Jacket from our men’s winter collection , we also offer various trench coats for men . A trench coat is usually somewhat thinner that a padded coat, but will still keep you quite warm thanks to its length. This water-repellent winter jacket is very suitable for the spring and autumn as well. Our padded bomber jackets for men are also perfect light jackets. These bomber jackets are thicker than the summer equivalents, but because they’re short winter jackets, they can be worn in between summer and winter as well.

Fashionable Light Jackets for Girls
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For Children

At Airforce we like to think about the whole family. That’s why we have a couple of beautiful light Jackets for children in our collection. For girls, we offer padded jackets with Sorona linings. These jackets are available in different colours and you can find this among our girl’s summer jackets . Our children’s collection features similar designs as our men's and women's collections, only in children's sizes. Because of this, the Ash Jacket is one of the best light Jackets for girls in our winter collection. You can’t go wrong with a short padded jacket.

If you are looking for a light jacket for boys, you can opt for our boys' summer jackets made out of softshell material. These aren’t as thick as the padded jackets mentioned before, but they are windproof and water-repellent, so they will keep you warm and dry in the rain. Do you want a thicker light jacket for boys? In that case our boys' parkas , like our Classic parka, might be just what you want. Ultimately, which light jacket you prefer all comes down to your own wishes and demands.

Comfortable Light Jackets for Boys

Ordering Light Jackets Online

Although we make a distinction between summer jackets and winter Jackets, you can always find a excellent between-seasons jackets among our collections. All of our jackets are windproof and water-repellent, so they can withstand any kind of weather. This makes our jackets perfect to wear in spring and autumn, when the weather is unpredictable.

Due to our sleek, basic designs and neutral colours, Airforce jackets will match any outfit. Our jackets will last for years thanks to their high quality. Not sure yet what jacket is  the perfect choice for you? You can always just take your time and scroll through our catalogue until you find something you like!