Light Coats for Men

The weather doesn't exactly call for a winter jacket, but it would be too cold to wear your summer jacket. In such circumstances, Airforce's light coats for men will offer you some extra warmth without having to sacrifice comfort or style. Our light coats for men are made out of warm fabrics that allow you to move freely. Since these fabrics are of the highest possible quality, you will be able to enjoy your light coat for many more spring days, autumn days and even some surprisingly chilly summer days.

When Exactly Do You Wear a Light Coat?

Our men's winter jackets and men's summer jackets are perfect for a majority of the year, but sometimes the weather demands something else. A sunny spring day that is too warm to wear a winter jacket, for instance. Or a surprisingly pleasant early winter day. Those are the moments for which a light coat, also known as a between-seasons jacket, is the perfect attire. Most light coats consist of one layer of relatively thick fabric, making them a little warmer than a lightweight summer jacket, but not quite as warm as a padded winter jacket or a parka . However, our padded summer jackets might just be the perfect light coats for men.

Exactly what qualifies as a light coat largely depends on your personal preferences. Some men prefer to wear shorts nearly year-round, and those men would probably consider a softshell jacket to be a winter jacket. If you tend to get cold quickly, however, a light coat for men is the perfect summer jacket for days when temperatures don't rise above 20 degrees centigrade. Are you someone who gets warm quickly instead? In that case, a light coat is the perfect solution for relatively warm winter days. In fact, if you choose to wear your light coat over a sweater or a hoodie and put on a pair of long trousers, your winter jacket might just have to stay in the closet for a few additional weeks.

Since the moments during which you decide to wear a light coat vary so wildly from person to person, we have deliberately kept our selection of light jackets for men as varied as possible. This way, you are guaranteed to find the perfect light coat at Airforce's online store.

Padded Jackets: Our Warmest Men's Summer Jackets, Ideal Light Coats

Trendy with a Trench Coat

Men's trench coats are among the most popular light coats for men. Trench coats are long men's coats . Most trench coats are thigh-length jackets. They were originally designed to be worn by the military; soldiers in the trenches during World War I used to wear them. These days, trench coats are considered very trendy, but their designs are highly practical as well. While longer women's trench coats look fancy and elegant, men's trench coats are a bit more rugged in appearance.

Trench coats can be made out of various fabrics, but they are mostly made out of smooth, synthetic fabrics, such as polyester or polyamide. The synthetic nature of these fabrics makes trench coats water-repellent and windproof, which makes them the ideal jackets to wear when you have to travel through the rain. Since the fabrics are very flexible, a trench coat is also simply comfortable. Trench coats feature buttons down the front almost exclusively.

Their light fabrics make trench coats airy enough to wear on a sunny day, but they cover enough of your body to protect you from the wind and cold if need be. Because of this, trench coats are ideal light between-seasons jackets. They look very sensible as well. The design of a trench coat has become classic, but at the same time, trench coats are timeless and always in style. If you choose to wear an Airforce trench coat, you will be able to wear it for years to come and look great while doing so all the while.

Trench Coats: the Most Stylish Light Coats for Men
    As low as €139.95 Regular Price €199.95
    As low as €139.95 Regular Price €199.95

Shorter Light Jackets for Men

Are you looking for a between-seasons jacket, but do you fear a longer coat will get in the way while cycling or running? We also offer shorter light jackets for men, such as our softshell jackets. These jackets are made out of a blend of polyester and spandex. As a result, they are slightly stretchy, but they will keep rain and wind on the outside of your jacket. Softshell jackets can be worn as winter jackets, but many men choose to wear them as a light jacket for between seasons.

Our Sorona Jackets are also excellent light jackets for men. They are short, padded jackets for men, making them a bit warmer than a softshell jacket, but still thin and lightweight enough to be worn as between-seasons jackets. Do you like the look of a padded jacket, but is a Sorona Jacket a bit too warm for you? Then our Padded Bodywarmers might just be the thing for you. These men's gilets will keep your body warm, but your arms are free to move and keep cool. You can wear a gilet with a T-shirt on a warmer day, but you can just as easily wear it over a jumper on a cool day.

For anyone who gets hot easily, between-seasons jackets tend to be made out of much thinner fabrics. We offer various lightweight hooded summer jackets. These jackets may look somewhat similar to our hoodies and vests, but they are made out of polyester instead of cotton. Because of this, they are better suited to be worn as jackets, as polyester is much better at blocking wind and rain. Our hooded jackets are the perfect jackets to take with you when it's hot in the afternoon, but cooler in the evening. You can fold them up so they fit in just about any bag.

Hooded Men's Jackets for Between Seasons
    As low as €125.95 Regular Price €179.95
    As low as €125.95 Regular Price €179.95
    As low as €139.95 Regular Price €199.95

Ordering Light Coats for Men Online

Looking for a jacket you can wear in between summer and winter? At Airforce's online store, you can quickly and conveniently order the men's light coat that perfectly suits your needs in terms of warmth, style and comfort. Most of our men's light jackets are part of our summer collection for men. At Airforce , we think it is important that the fabrics we use to make our jackets and other garments are of the highest possible quality. Because of that, our jackets will last for years. And since our designs are timeless and always fashionable, you won't need a different jacket for every season and every year.

Aside from jackets, we also sell other items of clothing and accessories, characterised by the same trendy designs and dependable quality. For a new baseball cap, a cool polo shirt or a warm cardigan, you can rely on our online store. Once we have received your order, we will start processing it immediately. You will receive your new light coat and the rest of your outfit as quickly as possible.