Airforce shorts for girls ensure that you can enjoy the sun at your leisure in summer. Playing outdoor games, sports or other activities will become extra comfortable with a pair of our shorts. Find a pair in your favourite colour from our webshop and you are already well on your way to a great summer.

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Comfortable activity and relaxation in summer

Sometimes it is just too hot to wear long trousers. Usually this is in summer, but there are days here in spring and autumn when you would just prefer to put on shorts. But they should be comfortable enough not to restrict movement and feel good on your skin. Airforce shorts for girls are then perfect for you. They allow you to move freely and are made of breathable fabrics, so you won't get too hot on a sunny day.

For all these reasons, Airforce shorts are perfect for active girls. Wear them while running, cycling, hiking or playing sports and you will be able to move freely. In addition, our Short Sweat Pants are perfect lounge trousers for a relaxing evening. Our girls' shorts are made of top quality fabrics. So once you have found a pair of shorts that suit you, you will enjoy them for years to come. Especially since they look very stylish. They are available in various delectable colours. So we are sure to have the perfect pair for your new summer outfit.

Shorts for girls of all ages

Airforce girls' shorts are suitable for girls aged from around 4 to 16 years. The shorts are available in a range of sizes, with the size roughly corresponding to your age. However, always check our sizing instructions to make sure how long the trousers are. This is especially important if you are a little taller or shorter than your peers. This way you can always be sure to buy shorts that fit properly. Have you grown so tall that it's time to shop for women's sizes? You'll find many of the same styles among our women's shorts.

All our Short Sweat Pants have a drawstring waist. This is ideal if you fall between sizes, for example. It is very easy to get the trousers to fit snugly on your waist using the drawstring and tying a knot in it. Your shorts will then stay snug, even when playing outdoors or practising sports. The Short Sweat Pants have two side pockets where you can put your belongings. Want to make sure the items you take with you while cycling or running stay in your pockets? Then use the extra zipped pocket.

Combine shorts with other summer clothes

Naturally, you never just wear shorts on their own. So it's a cool look if your shirt matches your shorts. We already take this into account when designing our clothes. Our designs are minimalist, so they always have a contemporary look. In any case, our girls' shorts are available in colours that go really well with all our girls' clothes. For example, it is very easy to find a T-shirt, jumper or hoodie that matches our shorts. Although dark, neutral colours go well with almost everything, pastel colours are a great choice for summer because they reflect the sun’s heat and flatter many skin tone and hair colour.

Airforce summer jackets for girls also match the shorts perfectly. This combination is ideal for the trip to school on a cool morning or when you're out for most of the evening. Padded jackets, for example, are perfect in-between jackets for girls. For a sporty outfit, the Metal Memory Bomber is highly recommended, while the Trenchcoat has a more sophisticated look. For the cooler days of summer, would you want something warm that still goes well with your outfit? Then an ideal solution is a pair of girls' long trousers in the same colour as your shorts.

Optimal Comfort Thanks to Organic Cotton

Whether or not shorts are comfortable has a lot to do with the fabric they are made of. The Short Sweat Pants are all made of organic cotton. The benefits of organic cotton are largely the same as those of regular cotton. It breathes extremely well, can absorb a lot of moisture and is flexible. On top of that, the fabric remains soft and comfortable to the touch, even when you are playing or exercising in it all day. A further advantage of organic cotton is being free from allergic reactions, to which young girls in particular are quite prone.

No dangerous substances may be used in the manufacture of organic cotton. Therefore, the residues of those substances cannot irritate your skin. So when you wear girls' shorts made of organic cotton, you are doing yourself, as well as the world, a great favour.

Buy Shorts for Girls Online

When summer arrives, shorts are a must for your wardrobe. The easiest way to buy on-trend, comfortable shorts and summer clothing for girls is online from the Airforce webshop. You are just a few clicks away from finding and ordering your best ever outfits for the coming summer. Then you will be ready for any weather event!