Long Coats for Men

What could look more stylish on a man than a long men's coat? Long coats generally have a slimming effect and an elegant appearance. At Airforce, you can find a wide variety of long men's coats that look great on any man. And since we use fabrics of the best possible quality exclusively, you can count on it that your long coat will make you look your best for many years to come.

Stylish Long Men's Coats

Most men wear short jackets, but if you are looking something slimming with a fancy appearance, a long men's coat is an excellent choice. A nice trench coat will help you make a strong impression wherever you go. Our trench coats are part of our men's summer collection . They are great for use in summer time or as a light coat to use in the fall and the spring. You can wear your men's trench coat when it's still too cold to go out without a jacket, but too warm for a padded winter jacket . A great thing about these trench coats is how nice and thin they are. This makes them very easy to bring along, just in case it gets colder or warmer later on in the day.

Airforce clothes clearly express our preferred style: we want our clothes to be simple and stylish. Our long coats for men are no exception. They are made from one material and come in one solid colour, without any unnecessary details. Only the Airforce logo on the sleeve breaks this rule of minimalism, giving the coat it's unique style. Our trench coats are available in black and dark blue. These neutral, dark colours allow you to combine our long coat with any outfit. A black trench coat can be worn over either a T-shirt and jeans, or a gentleman's suit.

Stylish Long Trench Coats for Men
    As low as €159.96 Regular Price €199.95
    As low as €159.96 Regular Price €199.95

Long or Short Coats for Men

Are you still in doubt over whether you want to buy a long coat or a short jacket for men ? Then we recommend you take a good look at our selection to see what style most suits you. If you are tall yourself – and especially if you're tall and slender – then you may prefer to also opt for a long coat. Tall men often need clothes in a bigger size, but then they run into trouble when these clothes are too wide. With long coats, it doesn't matter if they don't fall exactly on the hips. This means you can opt for a smaller size, to better match the size of your shoulders.

For shorter men, the same trick can work the other way around. If you aren't very tall and have wide shoulders, a short jacket in a larger size can be an awkward fit. With a long men's coat, this is less of an issue. A trench coat doesn't need to extend exactly to the hips; halfway down the thigh works just as well. This doesn't mean that everyone looks better in a long coat. If you prefer to accentuate your upper body, then a short bomber jacket might be the better choice for you. In the end, it all depends on personal taste.

It is not length that defines which type of jacket is most suitable in summer or in winter time. Much more important are the fabrics out of which the jackets are made. A padded jacket is very well-suited as a winter jacket for men but is much too warm to wear in the summer. A softshell jacket or a thin trench coat for men , on the other hand, is great for the spring and the summer, when it's just a bit too chilly to go outside without a coat. Of course a longer coat is always going to be slightly warmer, just because it covers a larger part of your body.

The Chuck Parka: Our Popular Long Winter Coat for Men
    As low as €209.97 Regular Price €299.95
    As low as €209.97 Regular Price €299.95

Airforce's High Quality

An Airforce coat is an investment for which you will always see big returns. Our coats are of superior quality, meaning that they last for years. What helps in this regard is the simple and stylish look of our designs. Our coats do not just last for a long time, remaining neat and undamaged, but you will always look good in them. Whenever you're in doubt, you can always wear an Airforce long coat for men. Naturally this doesn't just go for our long coats, but also for our short jackets and other products. Airforce allows you to always dress for success.

Besides coats and jackets, we also offer a large collection of other men's garments, such as hoodies , caps, shorts and shirts. All share the same simplistic style and neutral colours that make for a timeless look. We have fitting clothing for any occasion or any time of the year. Whether you're looking for a business casual polo shirt , a sporty hoodie or a warm winter jacket ; you can rely on us. All our products bear our logo as a stylish detail.

Buy a Long Coat for Men Online

If you're looking for a stylish long coat for men, our online store is exactly where you need to be. We have made it very convenient for you to find exactly what you are looking for. But when you don't you can browse around to your heart's content. Our selection changes regularly, just like fashion does. For instance, in summertime we sell men's summer jackets and light coats, come the winter you are likely to see more padded coats.

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