Bomber Jacket

Looking for a cool-looking jacket? Then an Airforce bomber jacket is the perfect jacket for you. But bomber jackets are more than just looks. Our bomber jackets also give you excellent protection against cold weather conditions. We stock this popular jacket design for summer and for winter. Find the bomber jacket that suits you today.

A Timeless Silhouette for Women and Men of All Ages

The bomber jacket has a classic design. Bomber jackets are zipped padded jackets. Often slightly oversized, they have elasticated cuffs at the ends of the sleeves and at the waist. These fit tighter to your body. This keeps the cold from penetrating your jacket as easily and gives the jackets a silhouette that is instantly recognisable. Many improvements have been made to the materials and designs of bomber jackets over the years, but that silhouette has remained unchanged. It is a timeless look. At Airforce , we like to make jackets that people will want to wear for years to come. Our quality bombers fit that bill.

When the bomber jacket was just invented, it was really only a men's jacket. Nowadays, bomber jackets suit men and women of all ages. We have bomber jackets in different colours and sizes: from dark men's bomber jackets that go with everything to fashionable women's bomber jackets and cheerful bomber jackets for girls and boys. All these jackets are lightweight and therefore very comfortable. As they are short jackets, they are also very suitable to wear when exercising or cycling. Your legs have all the freedom to move, while your upper body stays well warm.

Cool Bomber Jackets for Men

About the History of the bomber jacket

The fact that bomber jackets have such a cool appearance is also due to their history. This is because they were originally the jackets worn by pilots in the army. Because they flew their bombers at high altitudes, they needed a thick, lined jacket that protected them from the cold. Bomber jackets therefore have a thicker padding than was common for winter jackets at the time. In the beginning, bomber jackets were orange on the inside. If fighter pilots had to make an emergency landing at sea, they could turn their jackets inside out and they could be seen from a distance by people who came to rescue them.

The first bomber jackets were made out of leather. Over the years, there has been a lot of experimentation with other materials to improve the design of the bomber. For instance, the US Army switched to nylon after World War II, as it was more waterproof. Via army dumps, the bomber jacket eventually made its way to ordinary people, basically just as happened with the parka . Fashion designers put their own spin on the design. These days, many bomber jackets are made of polyester. This also applies to Airforce bomber jackets. Polyester is lightweight and moves comfortably with you. Moreover, our jackets are water-repellent and windproof.

For some of our bomber jackets, we have used polyester with a small proportion of spandex. This makes the fabric stretch even better, which makes the jackets extra comfortable. Furthermore, some Airforce bomber jackets are made of recycled polyester.

What Airforce Bomber Jackets Are There?

Our most popular bomber jacket is the Metal Memory Bomber. Our memory fabric is a slightly shiny material, giving the bombers a surprisingly stylish look. The Metal Memory Bomber is available in several colours; from neutral, dark colours that are always fashionable, such as True Black, Gun Metal and Dark Navy Blue, to slightly lighter options that go well with the brighter look of a summer jacket , such as Evening Haze and Cement. Our other bomber model is the Padded Bomber. These quilted jackets have a slightly more puffy look than the Metal Memory Bomber and are especially popular with boys and girls.

Because the bomber is suitable for all seasons, you will find these jacket models among our summer jackets as well as our winter jackets. The main difference between our winter bomber jackets and our summer bomber jackets is the thickness of the lining. Padded Bombers are also popular between-seasons jackets. That's because they are ideal jackets for when it's just a bit too cold to go out without a jacket in summer, early in the morning or late at night. Then you are immediately well protected from any summer rain, and you also don't have to worry about getting cold when cycling against the wind.

Fashionable Bomber Jackets for Women
    As low as €118.95 Regular Price €169.95
    As low as €118.95 Regular Price €169.95
    As low as €118.95 Regular Price €169.95

Buying a bomber jacket online

There are several models of jackets that are always in fashion. The parka and trench coat are examples of these, but the bomber jacket certainly is as well. Bomber jackets are perhaps even more visible than other models because you can wear them every season and they suit women as well as men. If you are looking for a good quality bomber jacket with a design that will look modern for years to come, you can rely on Airforce.

In our webshop you will also find other clothing, such as trousers, T-shirts, jumpers and polos. We have designed these clothes to go well with your bomber jacket. For example, choose a jumper or hoodie in the same colour as your jacket or in an interesting contrasting colour. This way you can easily shop your whole outfit in the Airforce online store.