Black Jacket

Some colours are particularly suited to a men’s jacket or a women’s jacket. A black jacket, however, will look good on anyone. Black jackets can be worn for every season. Because of this, Airforce’s online store offers a large selection of black winter jackets and summer jackets for everyone. As a colour, black also suits our philosophy. It is a colour that never goes out of style. Our black jackets will remain fashionable throughout their long lives as a result.

Why Wear a Black Jacket?

Black jackets are worn by many people each and every season. Such omnipresence does not happen without a reason, of course. In fact, there are various reasons why so many people wear black jackets. We already mentioned the timeless character of the colour itself. However, black is also a colour that can be combined with every other colour imaginable. Will you wear your black jacket with a pair of trousers, a shirt or a jumper in brighter colours, such as beige, white, yellow or light blue? In that case, the jacket’s black colour will create an elegant contrast. On the other hand, black also creates a calm, well-coordinated effect with other dark colours.

In addition, a black jacket offers some practical advantages that jackets in most other colours cannot offer. Stains tend to be more visible on brightly-coloured jackets than on a black jacket. This is especially beneficial to children’s jackets, as kids don’t always pay attention to whether their jacket remains clean while playing outside. Also, you can wear a black jacket to any occasion. Black jackets are just as appropriate when you are going to a fancy dinner party as when you go shopping or when you travel to work.

Long Black Winter Jackets

Long Black Coats: Exceptionally Stylish

Among black jackets, long black coats might be the most popular ones. Long black coats are available in various designs, but mostly worn as winter jackets . Some people choose to complement their outfits with a long woollen coat, but you can also choose to wear a long black jacket with a somewhat more sporty design. Airforce’s online store offers various long black parkas for the winter months. Our Grace Jacket and Janet Parka are some of our most popular women’s winter jackets . Both of these are knee-length winter jackets.

Our fishtail parkas and Jade Jackets are somewhat shorter. These jackets reach about halfway down your thighs. This is still long enough to refer to the black jackets as long black coats, as a short winter jacket tends to be hip-length. Long winter jackets are so popular because they cover a larger part of your body. Because of this, they tend to be a bit warmer than shorter jackets. Are you looking for something a little different? Then we suggest checking out our Long Bodywarmers in black. These gilets are knee-length jackets without sleeves.

Short Black Winter Jackets

Black Puffer Jackets and Other Short Black Winter Jackets

Are you looking for a black winter jacket, but do you prefer a shorter model? Then we highly recommend a black puffer jacket . Puffer jackets have originally been invented to keep mountaineers and other adventurers warm in cold areas, so they are guaranteed to bring you a warm, comfortable winter. Our online store offers puffer jackets for women , men and children. Due to their short length and thick lining, these winter jackets have an exceptionally sporty, trendy appearance.

If you order a black winter jacket from our online store, you can be sure that your winter jacket will retain its fashionable looks for a long time. Airforce exclusively uses the best available fabrics, allowing you to enjoy the comfort and the stylish looks of our puffer jackets for many years to come. Do our puffer jackets suit your style to a T? We also offer Puffer Gloves for the winter months. These gloves have the same puffy, quilted look as our puffer jackets.

Black Summer Jackets for Women
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Black Summer Jackets for Women and Men

Many darker colours are generally associated with the coldest days of the year. However, our online store also offers many black summer jackets . Bomber jackets have been highly popular summer jackets for many decades, and bomber jackets tend to be black on the outside. The original design of a bomber jacket is somewhat oversized, though it has elastic cuffs and an elastic waistband. This design creates a very stylish silhouette. However, we also offer men’s bomber jackets and women’s bomber jackets with a straight fit, such as our popular Metal Memory Bomber. Black softshell jackets are also available through our online store.

Long winter jackets are more common than long summer jackets, but you can still find some longer black coats among our women’s summer jackets . Our Long Tactical Shell Jacket, for instance, is slightly longer than hip-length, making it a relatively long summer jacket. Trench coats are especially long. Our trench coats for women are knee-length summer jackets. They are available in black with or without removable gilets. Such a long black coat will complement your elegant look.

Ordering Black Jackets Online

Black has been one of the most popular colours for jackets for decades. That is why our summer collections and winter collections always contain a large and varied selection of black jackets for men and women of all ages. At Airforce , we make quality fashion you will be able to wear for many years. Therefore, a jacket in a colour that has never lost its fashionable character is an indispensable part of our collections.

We don’t just offer jackets that are black. Our online store offers black sweatpants , T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies . If black is your favourite colour, our online store allows you to order your entire new outfit online in one go.