Black Winter Coats

A black winter coat is always trendy and matches every outfit. Therefore, it is no wonder that black winter coats are extremely popular every time when temperatures start to drop. Since Airforce winter jackets sport timeless designs and are made out of top-quality fabrics, you can wear a black winter jacket from our online store for a very long time.

Why a Black Winter Coat?

It is always good to have a black winter coat in your wardrobe. The colour black never goes out of style. Once you’ve got a black Airforce coat, you’re set for years to come. However, the colour is not the only reason black winter coats are popular. Airforce coats are high-quality products. If you buy a black winter jacket from Airforce , you know you will still be able to wear it next year. A model with a fashionably basic design can be worn year after year and for any occasion. You can wear a black jacket anywhere and anytime. An elegant black parka never looks out of place. Summertime is the only exception.

Black is simply a very popular colour. And what’s not to love? Black looks good with any outfit and matches the colour of anyone’s hair, skin or eyes. Many people who wear black like it because of its slimming effect. This slimming effect is further enhanced if you choose to wear a long winter coat , as they accentuate your height and make you look more slender. A black parka or a long, black padded coat is the ideal example of this. If your black coat is waisted, this goes even further, because a fitted coat really puts the emphasis on the most flattering lines in your figure.

Clearly, there is no lack of reasons to make sure your wardrobe includes at least one black winter coat.

Black Winter Coats for Men
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Black Parkas

Airforce offers many kinds of winter jackets . But if you browse our winter collection, you might notice that a lot of our winter jackets are parkas . There is a reason why we chose to offer so many parkas. Parkas are good-looking, yet practical coats that you can wear all through the winter, even when it gets really cold. The first design for the parka originated in Siberia and the parka has since been used by the United States military. It is a tried and true design, guaranteed to keep out the cold. Parkas are also known for their big pockets that make it easy to carry your belongings anywhere.

We offer black parkas for women and black men's parkas . The classic parka design is a straight cut, it includes a sewn-on hood and it is a fair bit longer than, say, a bomber jacket. Our women’s parkas end around halfway down the thighs, while men’s parkas end on the thighs instead. Aside from that, parkas for men and women do not look all that different. The main differences between our various parka designs are the number of pockets and where they are placed. If you focus more on the details you will also find differences in the zips and the collars used.

Other Great Designs

Parkas aren't the only amazing black winter coat designs we have on offer though. Our padded jackets are equipped with thick, warm linings that are guaranteed to keep out the cold. The quilting gives padded coats a beautiful textured look that many people love. Our collection includes padded coats and jackets for men and women, and all of these designs are available in black. Our Jade Jackets and the Ash Jackets for women are among our most popular women's winter jackets each and every year. Are you a fan of the padded look? Then maybe the Grace Jacket is the perfect jacket for you. That coat is very long and amazingly warm.

We also offer various padded winter jackets for men . For instance, you can find the Otis Jacket, the Dennis Jacket and Robin Jacket at our online store. These are all sturdy, short padded winter jackets that are available in many colours, including black. All three jackets have a hood attached and they close with a zip, the differences are in style and of the amount of added details. Another great choice is the Sorona Jacket. This jacket has a eco-friendly lining. So with a Sorona Jacket, you don’t just have a nice warm winter coat, but you are also doing something back for the environment.

Stylish Black Winter Coats for Women
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Buy a Black Winter Coat Online

The easiest way to buy a black winter coat is through the Airforce online store. Our shop is convenient and you can buy clothes from the comfort of your own home! Choose the winter coat you prefer and we will ship it right to your door as quickly as we can. If you’re specifically looking for a black winter coat you can use our catalogue’s filters to search only for the colour you want. In the same way, you can filter for the size, the material, the collar and price you want. If you already know exactly what you want, we make shopping extra easy.

Airforce offers a wide selection of winter coats, but you can just as easily find your next summer jacket at our online store. Whatever the time of year, you can be sure we've got a stylish, long-lasting and comfortable jacket for you. Whether you’re looking for a sporty bomber jacket or an elegant trench coat , we carry the coat you need. Why not browse our collection and find that item you want?