Lightweight Jacket for Boys

It’s too hot outside for your winter jacket, but also a bit too chilly to wear your summer jacket. Time for a lightweight between-seasons jacket. Among our lightweight jackets for boys, you are guaranteed to find a jacket that will offer you the exact amount of comfort and warmth you need. So which lightweight jackets do we offer and when do you wear them?

Has the Time Come for a Lightweight Jacket?

The exact time during which it is recommended to wear a lightweight between-seasons jacket will vary from boy to boy. Some boys like to wear shorts and a T-shirt year-round, while others won’t put away their winter jacket until warm summer weather has arrived. Generally, lightweight jackets are worn during the autumn and the spring, when it is too cold for a summer jacket, but not cold enough to start wearing your winter jacket yet.

Between-seasons jackets can also be the perfect choice for specific weather conditions. For example: when it isn’t cold, but it is rainy, a summer jacket or hoodie might not offer sufficient protection from the elements. When it’s very windy, a windproof lightweight jacket might also be exactly what you need. No matter the circumstances, it’s always good to have a lightweight boys’ jacket at hand.

Lightweight Padded Boys' Jackets for Between Seasons
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Padded Summer Jackets for Boys

You can find our lightweight boys’ jackets among our summer jackets and winter jackets for boys . Summer jackets made out of relatively thick fabrics in particular are popular to wear as between-seasons jackets. Since winter jackets are most often made for cold weather, they tend to be too warm to wear as lightweight jackets for between seasons. A short winter jacket could work as a between-seasons jacket, however, if you are someone who gets cold relatively quickly.

Our most popular lightweight between-seasons jackets are our Padded Jackets. These are boys’ summer jackets , but they are made out of fabrics that aren’t quite as thin as the other jackets from our summer collection for boys . Instead, they are lined. The presence of a lining makes these jackets warmer than our other summer jackets, but this design also creates a cool silhouette. We offer hooded padded boys’ summer jackets, but also padded jackets without a hood.

Protection Against All Weather Conditions

All Airforce jackets are windproof and water-repellent. This means that even a thin, lightweight summer jacket will offer the protection you need when the weather suddenly changes. Do you have to deal with cold wind or has it been drizzling all day? In that case, a slightly thicker jacket might be the better option.

A lightweight boys’ jacket for between seasons is made out of slightly thicker fabrics and therefore offers just a little bit more protection against cold wind or a prolonged drizzle than a regular summer jacket. Are you expecting that you have to walk or cycle through a rain shower? In that case, a regular summer jacket might be the better option, as thinner jackets, like a softshell summer jacket, will dry quicker than padded jackets.

Always Look Your Best

Lightweight jackets for boys are not just practical. At Airforce , we think it is important that all of our jackets look great. Our jackets stand out due to their minimalistic designs, which we have chosen because we know they will be in fashion for a long time. This is further enhanced by the fact that we use fabrics that will retain their good looks for a long time. Our jackets are built to last.

Many of our designs have been based on jackets that have been in fashion for many decades. For example, you might find bomber jackets , parkas , short padded jackets and sometimes trench coats for boys among our summer jackets and winter jackets. Our jackets are available in neutral colours that will look good on everyone. An Airforce lightweight jacket for boys will always make you look your best.

Alternatives to Lightweight Jackets: Gilets for Boys

Lightweight, But High-Quality

Our jackets last long, because we have a strong focus on quality. An Airforce jacket is not fast fashion. It’s an investment that you will be able to enjoy for a long time. Sometimes, parents ask us if it is even worth buying high-quality clothing for their children. Our answer to that is a resounding yes.

Children tend to be more active and playful than adults. They don’t pay quite as much attention to what they are doing and as a result, their clothes may wear out relatively quickly. If your son wears a sturdy boys’ jacket, it is far more likely that the jacket will survive the season. Parents who have bought at Airforce before usually order their kids’ jackets a few sizes large, because that way, they know their son will be able to enjoy his new jacket for years.

Combining Lightweight Boys’ Jackets for Between Seasons

At Airforce, we have a wide selection of summer jackets, winter jackets and lightweight jackets for between seasons. But that is far from all we have. We also offer an impressive range of casual clothing for boys. At our online store, you can order beautiful T-shirts, hoodies , sweaters, shorts and long trousers for boys . Just like our jackets, these garments are usually available in neutral colours, so you can be sure they will match every other item of clothing you may wear.

Are you looking for a pop of colour in your clothing? Nearly all of our collections feature garments in one or two bright trend colours. Our T-shirts for boys , for example, are available in many different designs. You could go for a look that stands out with a darker pair of sweatpants, a lightweight jacket in a neutral colour and a bright yellow or green T-shirt.

It’s always good to have a lightweight jacket for between seasons. When the weather suddenly changes at the end of a sunny day, or when it’s rainy, but not cold, a lightweight jacket is the perfect garment to wear. Make sure to check out our collection and order your new lightweight jacket for boys at the Airforce online store. You will be able to enjoy it for many years to come!