High-Quality Summer Jackets

A summer jacket is a must-have, because our summers can be an unpredictable. We love to remember the blistering hot days at the beach, but sadly, there are plenty of chilly nights and rainy moments as well. It's best if you have one jacket that can handle all these moments. You want style, protection from the elements and something lightweight that isn't too hot. Not just any jacket that can meet oall of those requirements. Your best option is a high-quality summer jacket. Airforce's online shop offers a wide range of summer jackets for men, women and children. From rugged bomber jackets to softshell jackets in various lengths and designs.

High-Quality Durable Summer Jackets

Finding just any summer jacket is not a challenge. Flimsy jackets can be found everywhere, especially when it warms up in spring and shops shift to their summer collections. The real challenge is to find a summer jacket that suits you and one that you can depend on. A sturdy jacket that offers protection and lasts you for more than one summer. This is why we like to offer as much diversity as possible at Airforce . We do this based on the different needs of different people, not on short-lived fashion hypes. Airforce guarantees your jacket will last for years and we give our jackets a style to match.

In Airforce's online shop we only sell clothes we design and produce ourselves. So we know our jackets are the outcome of decades of experience at making jackets that can stand any weather conditions. You can read more about the special fabrics we use in the product description. You can always trust Airforce to have the best quality, whether it is summer jackets, winter coats or even sportswear from the Airforce Sport collection. We choose minimalist designs because our jackets are so durable. The more flashy details a jacket has, the faster it goes out of style. Durable is its own style!

High-Quality Women's Summer Jackets

Summer Jackets for Women and Men

Just because we use minimalist designs, that doesn't mean we have little variety to offer. Our selection of summer jackets for women has several stylish designs based on timeless models. The Metal Memory Bomber is a light women's bomber jacket with an airy and wide collar which keeps the neck free. Our classic padded jackets for women are available in lots of various soft and bright colours. We also have softshell jackets in various models, like the stylish Long Softshell Jacket. Another popular type of softshell jacket for women is the Oversized Softshell Jacket. This is a short jacket in an oversized cut with wide sleeves and draw strings with which you can customize the shape completely.

We also offer a wide range of timeless, high-quality summer jackets for men . Like the Softshell Bombers, cool men's bomber jackets which fit easily into your bag. Or our Softshell Jackets are available in different variations. But we also stock a lare variety of padded summer jackets for men. You can also choose to wear a men's gilet from our online store if you are looking for your arms to have an optimal range of motion. And we should not forget our classic Hooded Jackets. These lightweight hooded jackets will fit into any bag or backpack. They are perfect for warm summer days when wind or rain is expected.

Summer Jackets for Children

Airforce also has all kinds of high quality summer jackets for children . In fact, many of our adult customers once started with a boys' summer jacket or a girls' summer jacket from our online store. Our design philosophy is that quality will always be in fashion. This is why we also offer a lot of our classic adult designs to kids. Our experience has taught us that kids, especially teenagers, love to be taken seriously and dress accordingly. No wonder they love the durable style of Airforce so much.

Sometimes parents ask us at Airforce whether buying a high quality jacket for a child is worth the money. Because children grow out of their clothes relatively quickly, their jackets will be too small for them after a while. We understand this concern. We think it is absolutely worth it to protect children well, also when they are still growing. It might appear that a jacket for kids is used less, but kids also tend to spend much more time outside than adults.

Even if your child outgrows his or her jacket, chances are that they still get more use out of it than an adult will. Children are also much more active and less careful with their clothes. That is exactly why it is important to have a high-quality jacket, so you know for sure the jacket will survive until your child grows out of it. If you buy a children's jacket at our online store, you can buy it a few sizes large, as our fabrics will last multiple summers.

High-Quality Summer Jackets for Boys and Girls

Buy Your High-Quality Summer Jackets Online

All of our summer jackets are available in our catalog. We also offer a wide selection of high-quality winter jackets for women , men and children. Are you thinking about going skiing? Then make sure to pass by our Airforce Sport collection where we have all the clothes you can possibly need on a skiing trip. There are multiple photos of every product we offer, made from different angles, so you can see exactly how the clothing fits. Do you have any questions about our collection or our website? Please contact customer service.