Softshell Jacket for Men

If you are looking for a robust jacket that will help you get through the unpredictable weather in our part of the world, a softshell jacket for men is the perfect option. Especially if your softshell jacket is an Airforce jacket, as all our softshell jackets are made out of high-quality fabrics that will last for years and retain their great looks that whole time. Our collection of softshell jackets for men is large and varied. Your perfect winter jacket or summer jacket is guaranteed to be part of our collection.

What Is a Softshell Men’s Jacket?

A softshell jacket is the opposite of a hardshell jacket. Most raincoats are hardshell jackets, and while they tend to be fully waterproof, they often aren’t breathable or very flexible. The outer layer of a men’s softshell jacket is water-resistant and windproof, making it ideal for keeping your upper body dry if you have to travel through rain or snow. However, that is only one of the fabric’s layers. Softshell fabric has multiple. It usually has three layers, the ones closest to your skin being a layer that keeps your body warm and one of a breathable fabric that will prevent you from getting sweaty while wearing the jacket.

Another great advantage of a men’s softshell jacket is that it offers a full range of motion. This is due to the composition of the material. Softshell fabric consists of a combination of synthetic fibres. Airforce’s softshell jackets are largely made out of polyester, a lightweight fabric that is soft to the touch, with a small percentage of spandex fibres. Spandex is an elastic fabric, so it will make your jacket extra flexible. As a result, a softshell men’s jacket will never hinder any of your movements, making it a highly comfortable jacket.

In addition, a softshell jacket from Airforce’s online store is suitable for just about every occasion. No one will think it’s strange if you wear a softshell men’s jacket to work, to school or to the supermarket – though they might be impressed by our stylish designs. Since a softshell jacket is so flexible, however, it is also an excellent jacket to wear while working out.

Various Types of Softshell Jackets for Men

Since the term “softshell jacket” refers to the fabrics a jacket is made out of and not to the specific type of jacket, Airforce offers a wide and varied selection of softshell jackets for men. Sometimes the name already reveals that you are dealing with a jacket made out of softshell fabrics. This is the case with our Softshell Jacket Chestpocket or simply our Softshell Jacket. These summer jackets for men are popular each year around springtime, because they offer the exact amount of warmth many men are looking for during an early spring morning or a late summer evening.

However, an Airforce jacket having the word “softshell” in its name is not a necessity for it to be made out of that warm and comfortable fabric. Various bomber jackets for men available through our online store have been made out of softshell fabric, for example. Is it too warm to wear a jacket, yet too cold to go outside without one? For such days, we offer various softshell gilets for men . A summer jacket made out of softshell fabric is a perfect light jacket for between seasons, as the fabric doesn’t weigh much, so a softshell jacket or gilet can even be worn over your outfit comfortably without zipping it up.

Since the inner layer of a softshell jacket is meant to keep you warm, padded jackets made out of softshell fabrics aren’t very common. And yet, some of our men’s winter jackets are softshell jackets. In fact, some of our most popular men’s parkas are made out of softshell fabrics, such as our Classic Parka and our Mitchell Parka. These parkas are nice and warm.

Softshell Winter Jackets for Men

The Quality of Airforce’s Softshell Jackets

Quality is always at the top of our list of priorities. Our softshell jackets illustrate this in various ways. Most obviously through the fabrics themselves. Every Airforce garment has been made out of fabrics that can take a hit and, as a result, will last for years. However, that should not interfere with the comfort of our clothing. That is another part of Airforce quality. While designing our clothes, we take the fact that the fabrics last so long into consideration. That is one of the reasons why we mainly focus on timeless plain designs in neutral colours. An Airforce jacket will look equally trendy every season, making you want to wear it for years.

It is just as important that our jackets can be worn comfortably over other garments. This is also reflected in the fit and the design of an Airforce jacket. If you order the rest of your outfits through Airforce’s online store, this effect will even be enhanced. We offer a large selection of T-shirts , trousers, sweaters and hoodies for men that can all be worn underneath our winter jackets and summer jackets for men . This goes for the fit of every garment, but the colours of our men’s clothing also match those of our men’s jackets .

Ordering Softshell Jackets for Men Online

When it comes to the combination of comfort and protection from the elements, nothing beats a softshell jacket for men. Especially if you order your softshell men’s jacket at Airforce’s online store. In that case, unparalleled quality and a speedy delivery are ensured.