Bomber Jacket for Men

Looking for a comfortable jacket with a sturdy appearance? In that case, an Airforce bomber jacket for men might just be your perfect jacket. At our online store, you can find this timeless design among our summer jackets as well as our winter jackets for men. And it’s not just the design of a bomber jacket that will last for years: all Airforce jackets have been made out of high-quality materials. In a stylish Airforce men’s bomber jacket, you will be comfortable for many years to come.

Comfortable Jackets with a Classic Appearance

Early last century, the first bomber jackets were made to keep fighter pilots warm. That is also why this type of jacket is called a bomber jacket, as these pilots used to fly bombers specifically. Since these pilots had to do their work at high altitudes, often in aircraft that could not keep all cold air from penetrating the vehicle, they needed jackets made out of sturdy materials to keep them warm. As a result, the first generation of bomber jackets consisted of winter jackets exclusively. From the 1950s onward, however, bomber jackets became popular fashion items. Since then, summer jackets sporting this characteristic design have become increasingly common.

Bomber jackets are fashion staples these days, and that is largely due to their elastic cuffs and waistbands. That is where the jackets are close-fitting, while the rest of the jacket is often slightly oversized. However, that is not a must: our Metal Memory Bomber has a regular fit and that has been one of our most popular jackets for many years. We offer thinner lightweight bomber jackets to wear during the summer, but also thicker bomber jackets to protect yourself against cold winter conditions. Regardless of which Airforce bomber jacket you pick, comfort and quality are guaranteed.

Warm Men's Bomber Jackets for the Winter

What Are Airforce Bomber Jackets Made of?

The earliest bomber jackets were made out of leather, as that was the strongest available material at the time. These days, it is possible to make bomber jackets out of various materials. Almost all of our bomber jackets are made out of polyester. A big advantage of polyester over leather is that it is more flexible and therefore much more comfortable. Another reason why polyester is so much more comfortable is because it weighs less than leather. Even the military switched to synthetic fabrics fairly early on, because they are more water-repellent. In addition, all of our bomber jackets are windproof.

The inside of the earliest bomber jackets was orange. That is how many people still picture a bomber jacket these days. Orange contrasts beautifully with the outer shell, which is often a bit darker. However, the orange inner shell originally had a practical reason. If a pilot crashed at sea, he could wear the jacket inside out, making him more visible to emergency services. Today, bomber jackets are available in a wide selection of colours. At our online store, you can find them in many dark colours, but our summer bomber jackets are also available in brighter colours that match the season.

Quality and Designs that Last for Years

At Airforce , we think it is important that you can wear our jackets as often and as long as possible. That is why we are always on the lookout for the best fabrics for our jackets. Our designs also last for years. Airforce bomber jackets are almost always plain jackets in neutral colours. These designs are always contemporary. Combined with the quality of our fabrics, that will allow you to wear your new bomber jacket for years. Also, the neutral colours match almost every other item of clothing. An Airforce bomber jacket will match your outfit no matter what.

Are you looking for an entire outfit for the upcoming season? Airforce can help you with that. For the summer months, we offer comfortable T-shirts , polo shirts , shorts and even swim shorts . Are you looking for something warmer for the autumn and winter instead? Our sweatpants , sweatshirts, hoodies and vests are perfect for the coldest days of the year. All Airforce clothing is characterised by comfortable designs that look great alongside our jackets and strong fabrics that will not restrict your movements. You can wear the shirts and jumpers from our online store comfortably underneath an Airforce bomber jacket.

Lightweight Men's Bomber Jackets for the Summer

Buying Bomber Jackets for Men Online

Some of our jackets are specifically designed for the winter or the summer. If you like the look of bomber jackets, however, you can wear them all year. At the Airforce online store, you can buy various types of bomber jackets, but each of them is very comfortable and will remain fashionable for a long time. Whether you are looking for a thick, warm bomber jacket for the winter months or a thinner, airy model for when it’s warm outside: you are sure to find the perfect top-quality jacket at our online store.

We offer bomber jackets for women and men of all ages. This means you can also buy girls’ and boys’ bomber jackets at our online shop. A bomber jacket’s design has been so revolutionary that you can even see its influence in other Jackets. Some of our most popular men’s summer jackets are the Wax Crinkle Jacket and our various types of Softshell Jackets. All of these have elastic cuffs and waistbands as well.