Men’s Padded Jackets

Airforce offers beautiful winter coats for women, for men and for children. Among the winter coats for men you will find various rugged-looking parkas, but also a wide range of men’s padded jackets. To learn more about these fine jackets read on, before you go over to our catalogue to browse.

Padded with What?

A padded jacket is made from a thick warm lining that’s held between two layers of fabric. The lining can be made from any number of materials. People tend to expect cotton, but that is actually not very common. Most luxury winter coats, like the jackets in our collection, are lined with extra insulating materials.

For our Sorona jackets we use Sorona®’s DuPont lining. This is a plant-based alternative to down that is equally soft and insulating. Because of this, the Sorona jacket is a great choice for vegans and other people who prefer a coat without animal materials. The jacket’s outer layer is made from polyester. The Sorona jacket is water repellent and wind proof. The Sorona protects against the rain and other bad weather, without giving the feeling of wearing an overly heavy coat. A good padded winter jacket will help you get through any kind of weather.

Great Variety in Designs

Airforce offers many different designs of padded jackets for men. All of these jackets have a soft lining and extend roughly to the hips, ensuring great freedom of movement. Three similar designs in our collection are our Robin, Dennis and Otis jackets. All three have a high collar, and hood and a lot of space between the stitching. The difference between them is mainly in the pockets. The Robin design has two pockets with a zipper that go into the jacket. The Otis on the other hand has its two pockets sewn onto the outside of the jacket, these pockets are covered from the top with a short flap. Jacket design Dennis even boasts five pockets!

Naturally, there are more subtle differences between these jackets, it’s not just a matter of counting the pockets. The Robin jacket has a prominently visible zipper that runs all the way up to the chin. On the Dennis jacket, the zipper is hidden from view behind a row of press studs. The Otis has the zipper out in view like the Robin but the Otis’ zipper stops under the collar. The collar closes with press studs instead. Together with the less visible pockets, this gives the Robin jacket a more clean and open look in comparison to the Otis and Dennis, which have a more textured design.

The Sorona jackets stand out from the other three designs in quite a few ways. For starters, this padded jacket does not have a hood, and doesn’t cover as much of your neck as the other designs. The quilting that keeps the lining in place is much finer on the Sorona, with less space between the lines of stitching.

This stitching gives the Sorona a finer pattern of lines. The Sorona can be used as a winter coat, but because it doesn’t have a hood, it can also work as a light coat for men. This design features two slit pockets with zippers. Like all our padded jackets, the Sorona is wind resistant and water repellent, it is suitable for any kind weather.

When Do You Wear a Padded Jacket?

Because the lining in padded jackets for men is so warm, they work really well as winter coats. Our padded jackets are high quality garments that will easily last for several years. Because of the durable materials used our jackets keep looking as well as they do when you first buy them. At Airforce we keep a close watch on current developments in fashion. This allows us to keep our padded jackets and coats looking trendy. With an Airforce padded jacket you will always look good and will always keep nice and warm come winter.

Our padded coats can be combined with any outfit, really. The dark colours and durable design make them just as suited to a walk in the park, as they are to a first date of an important appointment. Airforce jackets can be recognised from their earthy colours and high quality make, which makes them well-suited to any occasion. Most of our padded jackets are especially suited to use as a winter coat, but the Sorona jacket also works well as a light coat, because it leaves the neck free. Pick the jacket that best suits you and wear it anytime or any place you like.

Buy a Padded Jacket Online

The easiest way to buy Airforce padded jackets is online, through our own online store. You will always find our newest additions, right there in our collection. To directly find the winter coat for you, look among our jackets for men or in our winter collection.

In our catalogue, you can filter for colour, size, price and many more options. Have you gotten excited about our jackets? Why not broaden your scope and look among our other products, like our shirts, shorts and hoodies. All of our products have that characteristic Airforce style, our logo and of course our amazing high quality.

Padded jackets are very popular with men, but many women and even children also go out in beautiful padded jackets. At our online shop you can shop for others besides yourself, you can order great winter coats for the whole family. Browse around our collection to see what we’ve got for you.