Puffer Jacket for Women

A winter jacket should be warm, comfortable and stylish. An Airforce puffer jacket for women fulfils all those conditions. These jackets are nice and thick, yet they are quite lightweight, which means they are very comfortable. The quilted design also creates a powerful, elegant silhouette that will make you face even the most extreme winter conditions in style. Our online store offers puffer jackets in various colours and designs.

Always Fashionable and Warm

Puffer jackets are proof that a practical design can be very fashionable. About a hundred years ago, the puffer jacket was designed to protect people who travelled to areas where temperatures are extremely low. Because of this, puffer jackets are perfectly suited as winter jackets to this day. They have originally been designed as practical jackets, but the sporty appearance of a puffer jacket has made it a beloved fashion item. Puffer jackets have gained this reputation shortly after they were first introduced. These days, puffer jackets are an indispensable part of the winter fashion landscape.

That is exactly why the puffer jacket excites us. At Airforce , we like to make jackets that people want to wear for many years to come. A type of jacket that has been fashionable for so long fits that philosophy perfectly. Our online store offers puffer jackets in various colours, among which multiple dark, neutral colours, such as Dark Navy Blue, Gun Metal or True Black. These are colours that match almost every other item of clothing, so they are guaranteed to match the rest of your winter outfits as well. You can also count on us when you prefer to wear a winter jacket in brighter colours, because you think the winter itself is dark enough already.

Trendy Women's Puffer Jackets

The Fabrics of Airforce Women’s Puffer Jackets

Both the appearance and the warmth of a puffer jacket are defined by its thick lining. This lining used to be made out of down. That is why puffer jackets are still sometimes referred to as “down jackets” these days. The duck feathers or goose feathers that were originally used to make the lining created air pockets that retain warm air. In addition, cold air cannot penetrate a quality puffer jacket, because it consists of multiple layers. Because of this, a puffer jacket is one of the warmest jackets you can wear during the winter months. And yet, puffer jackets are surprisingly lightweight.

These days, it is possible to make an equally warm and lightweight lining using synthetic materials. In Airforce women’s puffer jackets, you won’t find any duck or goose feathers. Instead, we have used polyester to make both the lining and the outer shell of the jackets. Polyester is lightweight, flexible and it keeps the warmth of your body on the inside of your jacket. Some of our puffer jackets consist of a combination of polyester and elastane. This combination of materials gives the jackets a bit of stretch, which makes them extra comfortable. All of our puffer jackets are water-repellent and windproof.

Combining Puffer Jackets with the Rest of Your Winter Outfit

We already said that Airforce puffer jackets for women match many other items of clothing. If you are still looking for the rest of your winter outfit, you can count on Airforce as well. Our online store offers sweatpants , bonnets, gloves (including Puffer Gloves!), sweatshirts and hoodies that are perfect matches for our puffer jackets. All our other winter clothing shares many advantages with our women’s winter jackets . Our winter collection for women consists exclusively of comfortable clothes that will last long and make you look stylish every single winter.

Can’t get enough of the characteristic look of a puffer jacket? Since puffer jackets are so warm, they are typical winter jackets and you will not find them among our summer jackets. However, we do offer summer jackets that are both padded and quilted. If a puffer jacket is your ideal winter jacket, a Padded Jacket or Hooded Padded Jacket is likely the perfect summer jacket for you. These women’s summer jackets are perfectly suited for cool moments during spring mornings or summer evenings. The seams of a Padded Jacket or Hooded Padded Jacket are closer together than those of a puffer jacket though.

Padded Women's Summer Jackets
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Buying Women’s Puffer Jackets Online

Looking for a jacket that is warm and comfortable, but also very fashionable? In that case, an Airforce women’s puffer jacket is perfect for you. This type of winter jacket has been a favourite of people who want to get through the coldest days of the winter as comfortably as possible for many years. Puffer jackets have been designed for mountaineers and other adventurers, but they are just as suited to your commute to work, a day of shopping or a relaxed weekend. Another advantage of buying your new puffer jacket at the Airforce online store is the wide selection of designs and colours we have available. This will help you find the winter jacket that suits your style easily.

Are you planning a skiing or snowboarding holiday? Make sure to check out our Airforce Sport collection if you do. That collection contains various ski jackets and ski pants that have been specially designed for the circumstances you will face while practicing winter sports. Many of our ski jackets for women have a look that is strongly reminiscent of our puffer jackets and other padded winter jackets .