Sweaters & Hoodies

The sweaters and hoodies for women from Airforce are the perfect clothing for almost any occasion. These warm, comfortable long-sleeved jumpers are the ideal loungewear. But even when you don't want to stay inside, you can wear them: their beautiful colours and trendy designs are worth seeing! Complete your outfit now with a nice Airforce jumper.

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Comfortable jumpers in stylish designs

Sports, sleeping, lounging, working or even going out: there are few situations for which Airforce jumpers and hoodies are not suitable. People often think of warm jumpers mainly as relaxing clothes. But Airforce's many different colours and ever-fashionable designs ensure that you will leave an unforgettable impression with our jumpers and hoodies. Naturally, wearing comfort is also an important part of our clothing. We therefore use only the best materials for our jumpers. This ensures that everyone wearing one of our hoodies or jumpers feels comfortable. The quality of the fabrics means you can enjoy that comfort for years to come.

This is not only because of the quality of the fabrics, but certainly also because of how our jumpers look. Because of the plain designs, an Airforce jumper is actually never out of fashion. This is further reinforced by the colours in which the hoodies and jumpers are available. A colour like Dark Navy Blue, True Black, Gun Metal or Sand Shell always looks stylish. Especially if you combine your new jumper with matching Airforce Sweat Pants. Trousers in the same colour always match well. But of course you can also opt for a striking contrast by wearing long trousers in a different colour with it.

What's the difference between jumpers and hoodies?

"Sweater" and "hoodie" are terms both used in place of "jumper". Yet there is an important difference. The words actually say it all: hoodies have a hood ("hood"), while sweaters have a hoodless collar. Which of the two is the best choice depends entirely on your own taste. Some women like to keep their head warm and dry with a hood. Moreover, if you have a bad hair day, you can hide that perfectly under your hoodie. Others find a jumper more comfortable if, for example, they also wear a hooded jacket over it.

Another difference between our women's sweaters and our women's hoodies is that hoodies at stomach height have a front pocket. This is where you can store things or warm your hands on a cold day. Jumpers do not have this pocket. Of course, there are also many similarities between Airforce jumpers and hoodies. They are both made of 100% organic cotton that feels very comfortable on the skin. Jumpers generally pair better with dressier clothes. Hoodies tend to have a more casual, sporty look than jumpers, although you can create a great look for the gym or your run with an Airforce jumper and matching sweatpants.

Why a jumper or hoodie made of organic cotton?

A jumper should feel comfortable when you wear it. Especially if you wear your jumper directly on your skin. Cotton is the most commonly used fabric for clothing, as it feels soft and won't chafe if it keeps moving against your skin. The latter is especially important if you wear your jumper or hoodie while exercising. Furthermore, cotton is a breathable fabric. This means that the fabric dissipates heat, preventing excessive sweating. That too is very pleasant during exercise.

No harmful substances are used in the production of organic cotton. So no pesticides with chemical ingredients are used to grow the cotton plants either. So when you wear clothes made of organic cotton, your skin does not come into contact with harmful substances either. Especially for people with sensitive skin that is relatively prone to allergic reactions, organic cotton is therefore ideal. Moreover, the production process of organic cotton is much better for the environment. So both for your own skin and for the planet, a jumper made of organic cotton is the best possible choice.

What clothes match well with an Airforce jumper?

In addition to jumpers and hoodies, Airforce makes lots of other top-quality clothing. After their first Airforce item, our customers often soon start looking for more of our clothing. Our jackets always match our clothes. We have a wide range of winter jackets that will get you through even the coldest winter days. Would you rather have something light for summer days? Then check out our summer jackets. Several Airforce jackets have become true classics in summer and winter jackets, such as the Grace Jacket, the Jane Jacket, the 2 Pocket Parka and the 4 Pocket Parka.

We also have different types of trousers. Long trousers, like our Sweat Pants, pair well with hoodies and jumpers. For summer days, sporty shorts are available from us, such as our Short Sweat Pants. These match particularly well with Airforce T-shirts. For the colder days of the year, we also have beautiful beanies with our iconic logo. So you can count on us for a complete quality outfit.

Buy jumpers and hoodies online

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