Long winter coats for women

Would you like maximum protection from the cold in winter? If so, a long winter coat for women is by far the best choice of clothing, if you are wondering what to buy. But that is by no means the only advantage of a long winter coat. Long coats dress up beautifully and look super stylish. At Airforce, we have a wide range of highly desirable long coats for the coldest days of the year.

What are the advantages of a long winter coat?

If you are looking for a winter coat mainly for reasons of warmth, there really is no better choice than a long winter coat. This is because such a coat falls to or just above the knees, covering a much larger part of your body than a short winter coat. Of course, the length of a coat is not the only factor that determines exactly how warm a winter coat is. The material it’s made of is also crucial. At Airforce , we make all our jackets from top-quality materials. As a result, our short winter coats are, as you would expect, wonderfully warm, but our long winter coats are even more so.

But, of course, you also want to look as stylish as possible when you go out in winter. If you have a chic, elegant style of dress, a long coat suits it perfectly. Besides, long coats dress well, especially models in dark colours. Wearing these can even make you look slimmer! On top of that, it is easier generally to find the right size of a long coat. A long winter coat will hardly ever fall short. So, you can choose a winter coat that fits well around your upper body and it will almost always be long enough.

The only slight disadvantage of a long winter coat is that your legs have a little less freedom of movement. If you want to run in winter, a short winter jacket is a better option. But, riding a bike, you can easily wear a woman's long winter jacket from Airforce. That's because we have several winter coats with double zips. These have one zip that you can zip up from the bottom. This allows you to enjoy the warmth of a long winter coat while still being able to move your legs freely.

Which Airforce winter coats are women's long coats?

Since everyone has their own style, we have many different models of attractive winter coats in our range. Among them are women's short winter coats, but certainly also many long models. In fact, some of our most popular women's winter coats are long coats. The Grace Jacket and the Janet Parka, for example. These are both quilted winter coats that fall to the knees. Because of their design, these jackets combine the warmth and elegance of a long winter coat with the rugged, sporty character of a padded jacket. They also have a thick lining, so you can be sure that the winter chill stays firmly outside the jacket.

Or would you prefer a long winter coat with a fitted, more unusual look? Then our Long Fishtail Parka may be just the job! This mid-length winter coat is a little shorter at the front: the back is the fishtail from the coat's name. You can wear the back in different ways. You can leave the two halves loose or fasten them together for a different look. You can even straighten the back and fasten it with a press stud. The Long Fay Jacket is slightly shorter and falls halfway to the thighs.

Perhaps you would like something really special? Then check out our Long Reversible Teddy Jacket. This is a long winter jacket that you can wear inside out. One side looks just like the Grace Jacket, but the other is soft teddy material. You can wear that side on the outside and then your jacket resembles a warm fleece with Airforce wording on the back. So you basically have two lovely Airforce jackets in one!

A Winter Coat That Lasts

Normally, you buy a winter coat for several winters. If you choose a long winter coat from Airforce, you can be sure it will be durable and timeless. Our minimalist designs always look stylish and make you look and feel your very best every winter. You can also be sure that a winter coat from our shop will last for as long as you have it. We are always looking for the best materials from which to make our jackets and other clothes.

For our women's long winter coats, this means that we have chosen cotton, polyester or a combination of these materials with nylon. These fabrics have long proven themselves to be the perfect materials for winter coats. They are supple and stretch well as you move, but at the same time they are thick and sturdy enough to keep out the cold. Many of the materials we make our jackets from are also water-repellent. That's a big bonus if you need to travel through winter rain.

Buy Women's Long Winter Coats Online

Buying a lady's long winter coat online is nowhere easier than from the Airforce webshop. In just a few clicks you can order the perfect jacket for the coming winter and have it delivered to your door. You can also visit the Airforce webshop for all our high-quality winter apparel, famous for its comfort and good looks. We have in stock fashionable long trousers , jumpers and hoodies for women of all ages.