Winter Sports Wear

As soon as the temperatures start to drop, many people get an itch: time to go plan your ski holiday! Is this your first time going skiing? Or do you need a new outfit? We’ve got good news for you. In our Airforce SPORT collection, you can find the best and most stylish winter sports wear.

Striking Ski Jackets and Ski Pants for Women

What Are Winter Sports Necessities?

If you’re going skiing, you should bring high-quality clothing, because it can get real cold on the slopes. Both good outerwear - a ski jacket and ski pants - and thermal underwear are important. Since you’re most likely going to work up a sweat, you can’t just bring any sweater . You should always go for specialized winter sports wear. These will allow you to move around all day without your clothes becoming uncomfortable, and without getting chilly.

Whether your outerwear and thermal clothing are good depends on various circumstances. Ski undergarments need to be warm and breathable at the same time. This way, you won’t overheat while racing down the slopes, or get cold when riding back up the mountain with the ski lift. Ideally, you will want to notice your undergarments are there as little as possible. You should always go for thermal underwear that is tight, but not tight enough to squeeze you. High-quality ski underwear is made with proper stretching fabrics allowing more movement, and when you wear it, you should hardly feel the seams at all.

Outerwear needs to be warm, breathable and easy to move around in as well. A good ski jacket and ski pants also need to be able to take a hit. Even the best winter sports enthusiasts sometimes fall, and your clothes should be able to handle that. Proper ski pants are designed to keep the snow from coming in. They close around your ski boots and can be fastened under your ski jacket with suspenders. All of this will help keep you warm and dry while skiing.

Robust Ski Jackets and Ski Pants for Men

Airforce SPORT Collection

At Airforce, we have years of experience making high-quality winter jackets . We know exactly what fabrics are sturdy, water-repellent and windproof enough to make good ski clothes for men and women of all experience levels. So it wasn’t a big step for us to start designing winter sports wear. In our Airforce SPORT collection, you will find everything you need for a ski holiday: good ski jackets, beautiful ski pants and of course trendy undergarments. Our winter sportswear is perfect for use on the slopes, but our underclothes can double as loungewear during the après-ski.

Our focus is always on quality, but that doesn’t mean we lose sight of style. All garments you buy from us will last you for years, and it stays trendy as well. We tend to choose minimalist designs for our clothing, so they combine well with all your other clothes. The Airforce SPORT underwear is the exception to this rule: the distinct pattern of our logo on a black background gives our undergarments a sporty look. You can even look great in thermal leggings !

Thermal Leggings and Pullovers for Women

Winter Sports Wear or Loungewear?

With the winter sports wear from our Airforce SPORT collection, you can last your whole ski holiday. Our leggings, tops and pullovers are multifunctional. You can wear them under your ski outfit to keep warm on the slopes, but you can also wear them at the café. Of course you can also wear your thermal clothing under a normal winter jacket if you spend the day doing something other than skiing or snowboarding. Bring a beautiful parka or padded winter jacket and wear some thermal undergarments underneath. This combination creates a sporty and stylish look.

Our ski jackets and ski pants are made to go skiing or snowboarding. But of course we also consider the appearance of our clothing. All of our clothes look great, partly because we only use the best available fabrics to make them. Our women’s ski clothing is also subtly fitted, so you can show your figure, even underneath all that thick winter sports wear. You can combine all of our clothing very well, because of the dark tones and occasional brightly coloured patterns of every item of clothing from our online store.

Buy Airforce SPORT Online

Is your ski holiday coming up? In that case, you probably don’t want spend your time shopping endlessly - you’ve got plenty of things you need to take care of already. Fortunately, you can easily buy our winter sports wear online. Airforce's online store is made to be as convenient as possible. When you’ve placed an order we will try to get it delivered to you as soon as possible. Airforce will help keep you warm, sheltered and stylish all year round. Not only do we have high-quality winter sports wear, we also have beautiful winter jackets, summer jackets and other items of clothing. All of our clothing is subjected to strict quality control and designed with the same state of mind. Because of this, all our clothing matches perfectly. Did you become a fan of Airforce? Check out our winter or summer collection for more regular clothing.