Ski Pants

When you go on a winter sports trip, you will need to bring a couple of things. The most important thing, besides skis or a snowboard, is warm clothing. You could just wear some old clothes on top of each other, but it’s better to get actual ski clothing. As part of our Airforce SPORT collection, we offer you a wide range of high-quality ski pants to wear while going down the slopes.

What Makes Ski Pants Great?

Because you’re supposed to stay comfortable and warm exercising while wearing them all day long, ski pants need to have certain features. It should go without saying that they need to be nice and warm. Despite moving around a lot, getting could out on the slopes is unavoidable. Ski pants need to be able to handle that. At the same time, it’s important that the pants are breathable, or that they include some means of ventilation. That way, they can help cool your legs down after a strenuous descent. So proper ski pants should be both warm and breathable.

Most ski pants have extended parts reaching out from the top and bottom. They tend to extend much higher than regular pants and usually include a shoe cover on both pant legs. These features help to stop snow from getting inside of the ski pants. Especially when the snow is very powdery, this is a lifesaver. A final important feature is that proper ski pants need to be made from high-quality fabrics and should to be easy to move around in. Do your ski pants have all these features? Then you’re set for your next winter sports trip!

Stylish and Robust Ski Pants for Women
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Down the Slopes in Style

At Airforce , we take all these features into account when we design and test our ski pants. The ski pants in our Airforce SPORT collection do not just offer great quality, they also look very stylish. For instance, we offer ski pants for women that run tighter towards the top but widen into a boot cut at the bottom. They’re ideal for when you want to ski comfortably, but still like to accentuate your figure as you go. The wide legs let them fit over your ski shoes perfectly. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, with Airforce SPORT ski pants you’re always riding in style.

Of course we also offer high-quality ski pants for men as part of our sportswear collection. Our ski pants for men are a bit more baggy than those for women, which gives them a more classical winter sports look. We offer ski pants in various colours, so you choose whether you’d like a pair in a striking pattern, or a subtle solid black pair. All of our ski pants, both those for men and for women, match perfectly with our the other clothes from our Airforce SPORT collection. Airforce is not just there for functionality and high quality, they always come with a side of great looks!

Airforce SPORT

While proper ski pants are important, they aren’t all you need on your winter sports trip. A good ski jacket is just as important, as is warm ski underwear . At Airforce, we have it all. Our ski jackets and pants match each other perfectly and are rightly called fashion ski wear. Even if you're not that good at skiing or snowboarding yet, when you wear Airforce, you always make a great impression on the slopes. Our thermal underwear has lovely colours and patterns and is great for moving around in all day long.

But you don't only have to wear Airforce SPORT clothing on the slopes. Our ski leggings are great for wearing underneath your ski pants, but they also make great loungewear for the afterparty when the sun has gone down. Airforce SPORT garments really prepare you for all of the winter sport holidays. Are you still looking for a nice hat? No problem, we offer those as well. If you’re planning to spend one other days exploring the nearby village, you could use an Airforce winter jacket . Why not browse our collection for other items you could use?

Buying Ski Pants Online

Airforce's online store is the best place for ordering your ski pants online. Our online shop is designed to be as clear and intuitive as possible, so you can easily find the pants you need. Do you still have questions about our products or our website? Don’t hesitate to ask our customer service.