Thermal Clothing for Men

Have you got a winter sports trip coming up? If so, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need to be out and about in the winter cold all day. Besides your skis or snowboard, your ski shoes and ski jacket, it’s also important to bring thermal clothing for men.

Going Down the Slopes in Style

You can find the all high-quality thermal clothing for men that you need, right here at Airforce’s online shop. Our Airforce SPORT collection consists of top-of-the-line ski clothing, our thermal undergarments are no exception. Our thermalwear is made out of high-quality polyester and elastane, allowing our thermalwear to stretch and adapt with your every move. We also make sure that these undergarments are breathable and insulating. This means they will keep you warm without you ever overheating. This is an important balance to strike, because when you exercise, your body can really heat up, even in a cold environment.

In choosing your underclothes or thermal clothing, quality should really be your priority. Airforce’s thermalwear is sure to surpass the needs of any regular skier or snowboarder. We use only the best materials available and see that our clothing is manufactured and finished with close attention to detail. Our thermal clothing can easily last for multiple winters. Our undergarments feature a comfortable fit, tight enough to wear under your ski jacket and ski pants without issues, but spacious and stretchy enough to not impede your movement. Our ski underclothing also simply looks great. Using designs and striking colours, we have achieved at a look you can really show off come winter.

Thermal Pullovers for Men to Wear on the Slopes

All You Need for Your Ski Trip

While an important item on your winter sports packing list, thermal clothing isn’t the only thing you need when you go skiing or snowboarding. Our Airforce SPORT collection includes all the ski clothing you need. Besides comfortable thermal clothing for men, we also offer durable ski jackets and ski pants. All our ski garments are characterized by the high quality you’ve come to expect from Airforce. Quality is our first concern, so you know that these items of clothing from Airforce's online store can be used intensively for several years before you even need to think about replacing them.

Our ski pants and ski jackets are made out of high-grade polyester, specially treated to make it windproof and water-repellent. This is very practical, because as much as we would like to, no one can control the weather. Your jacket and pants need to be able to withstand the elements, in case there will be rain or snow. This also means that you won’t get wet just from falling down in the snow. To further improve this protection from the elements, our ski pants and ski jackets close much higher than regular designs do. With ski pants, a ski jacket and thermal clothing from Airforce's online store, you will be all set to spend all day out in the snow!

When you’re on a holiday abroad, chances are you don’t want to spend the entirity of your days on the slopes skiing and snowboarding. Odds are you’ll want your trip to include a nice hike to explore the area or a visit to a nearby town or village. In that case, it’s a good idea to pack more than just ski clothes, such as a regular winter jacket. Airforce has a great collection of stylish winter jackets for men . We offer a large range of parkas of all kinds, as well as bomber jackets and padded jackets . All of these jackets are water-repellent and windproof. Wearing an Airforce jacket, you can say farewell to feeling cold.

Ski Jackets and Ski Pants to Wear Over Your Thermal Clothing

Just as Useful Away from the Snow

Our thermal clothing is great for bringing along on your winter sports trip, and they can even be worn away from the ski slopes. Since we’ve chosen sporty looking, stylish designs, our underclothing also works really well as loungewear. So if you want to go catch your breath at the nearby cafe, you don’t need to change your clothes at all. Just taking off your ski jacket and ski pants should be enough. You can just go out for a drink in your thermal clothing. Then again, it might be best to bring a second set of thermal clothing so you don’t have to wear the pair you’ve been exercising in all day when you go out to unwind.

Thermal clothes are also really useful for other times when you want to keep warm but need properly breathable clothing. Our legging and pullovers, for instance, are great for when you go running in winter time or when you have some other outside activity planned. Thermal leggings work really well under your regular pants, when you’re at your children’s sports game or strolling around a Christmas market with your partner. It’s a surefire way to stave off the cold!

Buying Thermal Clothing for Men Online

Finding great thermal clothing for men is now easier than ever. They’re right here in front of you, at our very own online shop. The Airforce online shop only sells Airforce products, meaning that we can always guarantee the quality of our products. Airforce thermal clothing, ski jackets, ski pants and winter jackets are an investment that you will enjoy the fruits of for years to come. We use trendy designs and sporty colours, meaning that our items of clothing are very easy to combine with each other, whatever colour you choose. Our thermal clothing keeps you comfortable and warm on the slopes as well as away from them.

Besides ski clothes, Airforce has all sorts of lovely clothes and accessories, no matter the season. We offer a wide range of winter jackets, sweaters , sweatpants , T-shirts and hoodies . In summer time, our catalogue also includes summer jackets . All our items have that robust and minimalist feel that is so characteristic to Airforce. The calm, earthy style never clashes with your other clothes and allows you to mix and match our products with ease.