The shorts for women from Airforce are designed to give you maximum comfort. Moreover, our Short Sweat Pants have a trendy look. They are available in different colors: from subtle and elegant to nice and exuberant. Our shorts are indispensable for your summer sports outfit, but they are also the perfect choice for relaxing in.

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The Perfect Airforce Shorts for Summer Days

There are few clothes that look as summery as shorts. Shorts bring coolness when it's hot and allow your legs to tan in the sun. Precisely because shorts are the ideal clothing for hot days, it is important that they are made of fabrics that breathe well. This way, the part of your legs that is covered will not get too hot and the pants will not get sweaty easily. In addition, the material should be soft on your skin. When designing our shorts, we took all of that into account.

Our Short Sweat Pants are available in sizes XS through XL. Do you fall just in between sizes? No problem: because the pants have an elastic waist with drawstring, they actually always fall right. The shorts then fit to your body and will stay snug when you walk with them. You can put things you want to have at hand quickly in the side pockets. Even when running, as there is also a zippered pocket in the Short Sweat Pants.

Combine Shorts with Other Women's Clothing

In addition to our shorts, there are T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies available in the same colors. You can wear these as a set. With a shirt or sweater in the same color as your shorts, you are sure to have a match. But because the different types of women's clothing from Airforce match so well, you can also let your creativity run wild and create your own color combinations. Shorts in dark colors, such as Dark Navy Blue and True Black, pair with almost any other color shirt, sweater or hoodie. With a brighter color, you'll steal the show at the gym or outdoors.

We also have a wide range of high quality summer jackets at Airforce. Short summer jackets for women combine especially well with the sporty look of the Short Sweat Pants. For example, the Metal Memory Bomber goes well with shorts. Are you looking for a more casual look? Then put on one of our Oversized Softshell Jackets with your shorts. If you want to go running on a chilly morning in your shorts, you could also go for the Padded Jacket. Since this summer jacket is lined, it's great for wearing as an in-between jacket.

Sustainable and Comfortable

At Airforce, we set high standards for the materials we make our clothes from. The fabrics must last a long time and make everyone who wears them feel comfortable. Since our Short Sweat Pants fit an active lifestyle, that means, among other things, that the fabrics should not cause irritation when they move repeatedly against your skin. Furthermore, the materials should breathe. Fabrics that dissipate heat are ideal for summer, as you won't suffer from the heat in them. Cotton can also absorb moisture well, so a little sweating is not a problem. Looking for the best cotton for our shorts, we ended up with organic cotton.

Organic cotton is made from cotton plants that have not been sprayed with hazardous substances, such as chemical pesticides, during cultivation. People with sensitive skin can suffer from skin rashes if residues of such agents get into the fabric. With organic or organic cotton, you don't have to worry about that. Moreover, organic cotton is produced in a way that puts much less strain on the environment than regular cotton. If you choose Airforce's Short Sweat Pants, then in addition to comfort, you're also choosing a better future for the planet.

And for Winter Days?

Do you like the comfort of our women's shorts so much that you want to continue enjoying them in winter? Then also check out our long pants. Among the women's long pants you will find, among others, the longer version of the Short Sweat Pants, which is simply called the Sweat Pants. These long sweatpants are made of the same materials as our shorts, making them just as comfortable. The pants can be used as sports pants, but certainly also as lounge pants for when you want to retreat completely. They have a high waist with a drawstring, allowing you to make them fit perfectly.

The long pants from Airforce are available in the same colors as our shorts. This makes them equally compatible with our T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. Even if you want to face the cold weather in winter as comfortably as possible, you can count on Airforce. We have a wide and varied range of winter jackets for women. These include classics like the 2 Pocket Parka, the 4 Pocket Parka, the Grace Jacket and the Janet Parka. These make it a lot less annoying to walk or cycle through the winter cold.

Buy Women's Shorts Online

The greatest convenience and optimal freedom of movement can be experienced with the short women's pants from Airforce. Through our webshop you can order them quickly and easily online. Then you can expect your new pants at home soon.