Sweatpants for Women

Our sweatpants for women are the ideal trousers for sporting activities – or for relaxing. At our online store, you can order high-quality women’s sweatpants in various colours and sizes. They are made out of soft fabrics that allow optimal freedom of movement. As a result, our sweatpants are highly comfortable.

Ideal Casual Trousers

It’s a time of day nearly every woman will be familiar with: coming home after a long day of work or a day out with your friends, and the first thing you want to do is wear something more comfortable. Bras and jeans might look great, but the comfort of a pair of sweatpants is unmatched. Airforce sweatpants offer you the best of both worlds. Our sweatpants look great, but they are also extremely comfortable to wear.

Sweatpants are not just the perfect clothes to wear after a busy day. They are the ideal trousers to wear while exercising as well. Even if your workout routine is particularly intense, a pair of Airforce sweatpants will remain in place. These trousers have an elastic waistband and elastic cuffs at the ends of their legs. The drawstring at the waist allows you to adapt the trousers’ fit to your body.

Relax with a Pair of Airforce Women's Sweatpants
    As low as €62.97 Regular Price €89.95
    As low as €44.98 Regular Price €89.95
    As low as €44.98 Regular Price €89.95

Sweatpants that Look Great

Comfort and quality are important to us at Airforce . But looks are relevant as well. After all, clothes are more than just a means to keep you warm. When you wear clothing that matches your style and looks great on you, you will feel more confident. It’s a way to show the world who you are. If you prefer a relatively casual clothing style, Airforce’s sweatpants are an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

Our basic designs will look good on anyone. The long trousers in our online store are made out of beautiful, high-quality fabrics. The trouser legs loosely match the shape of your legs. Because of this, your sweatpants will never be too loose or too tight, and they will always have a sporty appearance. Apart from relaxing at home or working out, these sweatpants are perfectly suited to a day of shopping or a night out with your friends.

Soft, High-Quality Fabrics

The quality of our garments is of great importance to us. We think it is crucial that women and men all over the world are able to enjoy their Airforce garments for many years. Our children’s clothing meets the same quality standards as our clothing for adults, so that kids can play outside without having to worry about wear and tear.

For our loungewear, we like to work with fabrics that have a light stretch, as it is pleasant to wear a pair of trousers that doesn’t get in the way of your movements. Also, the side of the trousers that touches your skin should be nice and soft, since a soft fabric will not chafe if it moves against your skin repeatedly. This is exactly what makes Airforce sweatpants such a great choice to wear while working out.

Short Women's Sweatpants for Hot Summer Days
    As low as €29.98 Regular Price €59.95
    As low as €29.98 Regular Price €59.95
    As low as €29.98 Regular Price €59.95
    As low as €41.97 Regular Price €59.95

Long and Short Airforce Trousers

When we talk about sweatpants, we usually mean our long trousers. We technically offer two types of sweatpants though: our long trousers and our shorts . Both types of sweatpants have similar designs, aside from the obvious fact that our shorts are significantly shorter. They cover about half of your thighs.

Our short sweatpants are the perfect trousers for summer days that are simply too hot for longer trousers. The fabrics we use to make our sweatpants also feel comfortable at higher temperatures, because we use breathable fabrics that allow excess heat to escape and make room for fresh air. Our short sweatpants look just as fashionable as our regular sweatpants.

Wear Your Sweat Pants Every Day

Sweatpants and short sweatpants aren’t necessarily garments you only wear at home or while working out. Lately, it has become increasingly fashionable to wear athleisure clothing outside. Our sports trousers are perfectly suited to a trip to the supermarket, a walk through town or having a drink outside. Are you in college? Our sweatpants are the ideal trousers to wear during a long study session at the library.

Our sweatpants are available in various colours. Though we offer one or more pairs of sweatpants in bright colours nearly every season, we mostly use fabrics in neutral colours to make our sweatpants. This is a deliberate choice, as it allows you to wear a pair of sweatpants that matches nearly every other item of clothing. A navy blue, grey or cream-coloured pair of trousers will be a great addition to just about every outfit.

Airforce Loungewear for Women

Have you become a fan of the quality and the casual appearance of a pair of Airforce sweatpants? Aside from long and short sweatpants, we also offer a wide selection of T-shirts , jumpers and jackets that match our other garments. Do you like hoodies? We’ve got hoodies! All our tops are available in the same colours as our sweatpants. You can choose to wear a complete outfit consisting of garments that have the same colour, but you can also mix and match them to create your own unique outfit.

You can order your entire athleisure outfit at our online store. We offer women’s clothing in sizes XS to XL. All our clothing is high-quality clothing, so you can enjoy your Airforce outfit for a long time. Start and finish your days as comfortably as possible with our sweatpants. Combine your sweatpants with a lovely hoodie, a sporty T-shirt or a fancy sweatshirt, and you will look great every day.