Short Winter Jackets for Men

Short winter jackets for men are always popular. A short jacket looks sporty and gives you plenty of freedom of movement. Thanks to the high quality and suitability of the materials we use at Airforce, your new winter jacket will be nice and warm. Our jackets easily last for years.

When to choose a short jacket?

Choosing a long or short winter jacket often has to do with matters of style and comfort. A long winter jacket is a little warmer than a short winter coat, but can sometimes restrict your movements. A short winter coat is ideal if you like running, cycling or playing any kind of outdoor sport. Especially, if you plan to be very active, having a slightly less warm winter jacket is not such a bad thing.

Naturally, you can also choose a short winter jacket purely on style. If you just prefer bomber jackets or short quilted jackets, the choice of a short winter coat is easily made. Generally, short jackets look more sporty and casual. Long coats, on the other hand, have a more elegant look. It all depends on what suits you.

Our Robin Jackets: One of Our Bestsellers
    As low as €153.97 Regular Price €219.95
    As low as €153.97 Regular Price €219.95

Airforce quality

Whether you opt for a short bomber jacket or a longer parka , at Airforce you can rest assured that you’re buying the best quality. We choose our materials very carefully and make sure our clothes are well finished. An Airforce jacket, therefore, easily lasts for years. Besides, our winter jackets for men can take a lot of punishment. This can be particularly useful when playing outdoor sports.

Our jackets are made of synthetic materials. Especially polyester, which we use a lot of. Sometimes there is also Spandex woven through the polyester. This makes the jacket quite stretchy and able to flex extra well as you move. All our jackets are windproof and water-resistant. So, with an Airforce winter jacket you don't have to fear changeable weather. Your jacket will always stay nice and warm.

Neutral and striking colours

We have different models of short winter coats in our range. Our padded Robin jacket, for example, has been popular for many years. The padded bomber is also widely bought. All our jackets can be bought in a variety of colours. We have many neutral colours in our range, such as dark blue, olive green and black. These colours look great with everything and are never out of fashion.

Or are you more of a bright and bold colour type? These can also be found in our collection every year. A light green or cobalt blue winter coat can make a really eye-catching part of your outfit. We always make sure that the bright colours, as well as the earthy tones in our range, can be combined well with all the clothes from Airforce.

Bomber Jackets for Men
    As low as €174.97 Regular Price €249.95
    As low as €131.97 Regular Price €219.95
    As low as €131.97 Regular Price €219.95

A warm hood

Most of our winter coats have hoods. Naturally, this has many advantages in bad weather. A hood can protect you from rain and snow, of course. Also, a hood is ideal to wear if you don't have a hat with you and would like to keep your ears warm. But in many cases too, a hood on a jacket often just looks great.

In some situations, a winter jacket without a hood is actually a good choice. Most winter jackets without hoods have high stand-up collars, keeping your neck and chin nice and warm. You don't have to worry about not having your head covered, because at Airforce we stock a huge variety of hats and caps. Of course, a cap with the Airforce logo looks great worn with your short man's jacket.

Always in Fashion

We make clothes at Airforce that last for years and continue to look great for all that time. But we also have to take into account the fashions of the coming years when designing. We do this by using models that have been popular for a long time. For example, we always have several parkas in our winter collection. These are good-looking, robust and practical jackets. Ideal for getting through a hard winter.

Padded jackets such as the Robin jacket and the Otis jacket are also popular. Quilted jackets are padded and, therefore, have a puffed-up look that many people like. What’s more, we have so many bomber jackets in our webshop, you cannot possibly miss them! We not only have lined bombers in the winter collection, but usually also thinner men's bomber jackets as part of the summer collection.

Easy to Combine

When designing our clothes and choosing our colour palette, we always make sure that all colours and styles go well together. For example, you can pair Airforce's short winter jackets beautifully with Airforce sweatpants , hoodies and jumpers . The summer collection also matches the colours of the winter collection. For instance, the sweatpants you wear under your winter jacket can be teamed with a T-shirt in summer.

Are you going on a skiing holiday this winter? Then we definitely recommend looking at our collection of Airforce SPORT . We have great ski jackets , ski pants and thermal underwear. This skiwear is warm, stylish and can take a beating. Following a fall in the snow, Airforce skiwear will not suffer any damage. Of course, we also have hats that go well with these clothes.

At Airforce, you can buy high-quality clothing with a great look. Our short winter jackets last for years and always look fashionable. We have different models and all kinds of colours. Take a quick look at our range to see which short winter jackets suit your style.