Parka Winter Jackets for Men

If you need a good winter jacket, a parka as a winter jacket for men is ideal. The parka is a model that has been popular for decades - and for good reason. These robust winter coats are stylish and very nice and warm.

A timeless look

Airforce jackets last for years. That is why it is important for us to create models that always look good. The parka has been known in Europe for more than 50 years and has been worn by many people for just as long. So you can rightly say that this jacket is always popular. At Airforce , you can buy different models of parkas every winter.

In basic terms, a parka is a mid-length winter coat with large pockets and a hood. They are often straight models, but there are exceptions to this. For example, there are also parkas that you can waist with a drawstring for a fitted look. The fishtail parka stands out because it is longer at the back and ends in two points. This back is where the name 'fishtail' comes from.

Parka that lasts for years

At Airforce, we think quality is hugely important. We are always looking for the best materials to use for our jackets, coats and other clothing. We also make sure that the clothes we sell are well finished. So a parka from our webshop can really take a beating. Our coats are made of polyester. This sturdy synthetic material is ideal for making warm and robust coats. This is the greatest advantage of our parka.

Another advantage of the polyester we use is that it is windproof and water-repellent. You won't be affected by bad weather wearing our men's winter jackets any time soon. Is there a cold wind or will it keep raining all day? Then you can still go out in your Airforce parka. The quality fabrics will keep you warm and dry.

Warm in winter

A warm jacket is obviously a very important item of clothing to have in winter. Whether you're cycling to work, taking the dog for a walk or doing odd jobs outside. Our winter jackets for men have a thick lining that insulates well. An Airforce parka keeps your body cosily warm. Because the coat is windproof, the cold air outside does not penetrate it easily either.

Another reason the parka is nice and warm in winter is its length. Parkas are mid-length coats. In men, they usually finish at mid-thigh. This makes parkas a little warmer than other, shorter jackets, such as bomber jackets . Finally, you also have a nice thick hood on your parka. You can put that on if your ears start feeling cold, or of course as protection against the rain.

Do you like to stand out?

Our range of parkas always consists largely of neutral colours. Especially in winter coats, you will come across many dark, earthy tones. Brown, olive green, dark blue and black are always in our range of winter clothes. Such colours are actually in fashion every year, so it's not a problem at all if you wear your coat for years. You will always look stylish.

Or do you prefer to stand out a little when you walk down the street? Then you can opt for a man's jacket in a brighter colour. In our range you will often find bright blue or other striking colours. It all depends on your colouring and which style suits you.

The History of the Parka

Did you know that the parka has a very interesting history? Originally, this jacket was worn by the people who lived on the islands between Alaska and Siberia. You can imagine what this says about how warm the parka was! They made their parkas from animal skins. In the 1950s, the US military created the parka made of nylon. It then became increasingly popular among fashion lovers via army dumps too.

Since the parka came into fashion in the last century, it has never really gone away. Of course, there are periods when you see more or fewer parkas on the streets, but this model never totally disappeared. This is why it is also an ideal model of coat for us to make. The parka is always fashionable and very rugged.

Good to Combine

When designing our collections, we take great care to ensure that all our clothes match. The colours and styles of all our clothes match perfectly. So you can wear an Airforce parka very well with the hoodies , jumpers and knitwear from our winter collection. We also have nice long trousers for sale.

Don't like wearing a hood as a hat? Then we have several types of hats in store. These are decorated with the Airforce logo. So they have a minimalist style, yet an interesting detail. Our hats are also ideal to wear during winter sports.

About winter sports: have you seen our Airforce SPORT collection yet? This consists of high-quality skiwear. We have great ski jackets , ski pants and thermal underwear. In such an outfit, you can easily go up and down the mountain slopes all day long and keep warm. Have you finished skiing or snowboarding? Then a jumper is also super comfortable to wear for après-ski. All our skiwear looks fashionable and sporty, so you'll hit the slopes in style.