Airforce Summer Collection for Kids

Come discover our Airforce summer collection for children. This collection features high quality summer clothing for boys and girls. Including jackets, polos, T-shirts, sweaters, swimming trunks and shorts. With Airforce children's clothing, today's children are all geared up and ready for summer.

Airforce Summer Clothing for Boys and Girls

For both boys and girls we have an expansive new summer collection filled with trendy, charming and durable clothing. The Airforce summer collection helps you to have an unforgettable summer. The collection is characterized by airy, breathable fabrics, functional designs and the ideal fit. Besides this, Airforce children's clothes are a perfect match for any fashion style. Our products stay popular with the youth, in part due to our timeless designs. Parents, on the other hand, tend to really value the enduring quality of Airforce clothing. Children often spend a lot of time outside and often do not take good care of what they are wearing. Airforce children's clothing is always up to this challenge, due to its clever designs and high quality materials.

The summer can have very unpredictable weather. While it's generally warm, at times there is still rain or strong winds and the temperature varies widely from day to day. Airforce has designed the right children's clothing for all these weather conditions. Consider for instance, our water-repellent, lightweight boys' and girls' jackets, airy T-shirts and polo shirts, our hip shorts and breathable cotton sweaters. Our children's clothing is available in many different colours and designs. Are you looking for new summer clothes for boys or girls? Then Airforce is where you need to be.

Boys' and Girls' Jackets

Airforce boys' and girls' jackets are very popular items in our online shop. The summer collection features jackets in different styles. Many of these are made of softshell. This material has all the softness of fleece, but it is both breathable, wind resistant and water-repellent. This makes articles made from softshell very comfortable indeed. Lightweight softshell is the ideal material for manufacturing great summer jackets. Our summer collection also features beautiful bomber jackets and padded jackets. Most of these are equipped with a zipper and multiple pockets.

All this makes our jackets perfectly suited for children. Our jackets give them plenty of space to keep their keys and other important items. Our online shop also features jackets with a removable hood. All our summer jackets for children are very lightweight, breathable and very comfortable to wear.

Boys' T-shirts and Polos

Airforce boys' T-shirts and polos are sold in various colours and designs. T-shirts and polos are essential basics for any child's wardrobe. Our classical T-shirts come in various colours. Choose a T-shirt with a large and prominent Airforce logo, or opt instead for one with a more subtle logo. These shirts are easy to match with all kinds of everyday outfits. The same counts for our polo shirts, although their design is naturally a bit different, since a polo always has a collar. This collar is reminiscent of the collar on a dress shirt. A polo shirt gives boys a tidy, but also sporty and tough look.

Airforce T-shirts and polos are easy to combine with other Airforce clothing. Consider our jackets and our shorts. Add in some cool accessories to put the finishing touches on that tough summer look!

Other Airforce Clothes for Children

For boys there are amazing shorts and swim shorts for sale in our online shop. Boys' shorts are available in five trending colours. They have 2 pockets on the front and another 2 in the back. The shorts match perfectly with Airforce T-shirts and polos. You can also find sweaters and hoodies in the Airforce summer collection. These are available in different summer colours. But it goes without saying that you can also choose from more neutral colours like White, Dark Navy Blue, True Black, Gun metal and Silver Sage. The Airforce summer collection for boys and girls is full of surprises.

All summer clothing for children is available to order at our online shop, we pride ourselves on how quick and easy it is to buy from Airforce. With the variety of items available in the Airforce collection for boys and girls you can mix and match endlessly, all summer long. That is how children create their own look and identity. Do you have any questions about our summer collection for boys and girls? Then do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are glad to help you find the right children's clothing. Are you curious about the summer collection for men or the summer collection for women? You can find these in our online shop too. Celebrate the summer your way and choose Airforce summer clothes.