Parkas for Girls

During the colder months it’s lovely to have a warm winter coat, one that lets you go outside in some comfort, in even the worst weather conditions. The ideal coat for this is the parka. Airforce offers parkas for the whole family: parkas for women, parkas for men and also parkas for girls.

Why Choose a Parka

The parka is a design that has really earned its reputation as a great winter coat. It was tried and tested in the United States military, just like the bomber jacket and the trench coat. When the military uses a particular type of coat, you can be sure it’s a very strong design. At Airforce we’ve really adopted the parka as the backbone of our winter collection. The parka originated in some of the coldest parts of the world, Russia and Alaska, so it’s the ideal coat for a really cold winter.

Parkas tend to have a very simple design. They’re a longer type of coat, with an attached hood and a mostly straight cut. Fishtail parkas deviate from this shape because they flare out a bit towards the bottom. Airforce offers different kinds of parkas in dark colours. A dark winter coat matches with just about anything. Quality is our top priority for children’s clothes as much as it is for adults’ clothes. With a winter coat from Airforce you can trust that you or your daughter can keep nice and warm on even the coldest days.

Our Collection

At Airforce we take children’s clothing seriously. That includes their quality, but we’re also talking about the design. Most children love to wear a tough-looking, serious coat, like the ones adults wear. This is why we use the same designs from our adults’ collection to create our children’s clothing. We carry lots of different sizes, for children from 2 to 16 years of age. Especially teenagers enjoy our no-nonsense look. Although we use basic designs, we do offer a wide range of different parkas. That way there’s all the room for you to express your own style.

In our catalogue you can filter for the kind of parka you want, such as classic, 2 pocket parka and 4 pocket parka. These labels are self explanatory: the classic parka is closest to the original parka. The 2- and 4 pocket parkas are grouped for the amount of pockets they have. The 4 pocket parka does not just have the typical sewn-on pockets, but also a pair of slit pockets on the chest. Among the classic parkas you’ll find the Blake parka. The Blake has elastic cuffs with thumbholes, which really helps keep the wind out of your sleeves. A great choice for when you’re out cycling.

You can find the most variety among our 2 pocket parkas. This group features our basic parka in various colours. The Blake parka also makes an appearance here, seeing how it has two pockets. Do you like if your coat has a bit more flair to it? Then perhaps the double zip 2 pocket parka might be the best choice for you. As the name suggests, this parka has a double zipper. The hood of the double zip 2 pocket parka is lined with imitation fur, so it feels really soft.

Top Quality Coats for Children

Sometimes our customers ask us if it’s really necessary to buy such a high quality coat for a child. Children do grow really fast after all. Our opinion is that children’s clothing does need to be taken seriously. An Airforce lasts for many years, in part because it can withstand most of the daily strains that coats run into. Children play outside a lot, even in wintertime, and cheaper coats can get damaged really easily. The important thing about a coat is of course that it keeps your daughter protected from the cold all winter long. With an Airforce winter coat this is something you won’t need to worry about anymore for a long time.

Many people that started wearing Airforce coats as children have remained loyal customers as adults. This shows us how much children appreciate the quality and comfort we offer at Airforce. But don’t many children prefer a cheerful looking coat in a bright colour? This really depends on the child. Soms do love to wear bright colours, but many also prefer to dress in a more ‘grown up’ style. This is where our collection really shines! Our advice: why not let your daughter help choose when you’re buying her a new coat?

Buying Parkas for Girls Online

When you’ve found the right parka for girls, it’s very easy and convenient to order it online. Now that Airforce has its own webshop you know you’re getting top quality coats from the very source. And all that from the comfort of your own chair. There’s no need to make space in your busy schedule to go into town for a winter coat. Delivery is also fast, we try to ship your order within a few days.

Besides parkas and other winter coats for girls, we also carry lovely accessories. For starters, there’s hats and scarves with our famous logo in it. Are you looking for a nice, durable backpack to take to school? Not a problem at all, the Airforce online shop has it all. Even that nice baseball cap or bucket hat is right there waiting for you.