Airforce Ladies' Summer Collection

Discover the Airforce ladies' summer collection. In our collection you will find ladies' jackets that are suited for the spring and the summer. Buy the ultimate Airforce summer basics for ladies online.

Summer Jackets for Ladies, Are They Necessary?

In the Airforce summer collection for ladies, you can buy summer jackets of various designs, in different colours. A ladies jacket is an essential basic part of any woman's wardrobe. The summer can be a very unpredictable time of year. One day might be very warm, while the next can be chilly or even rainy. A summer jacket is no idle luxury, especially if you spend a lot of time outside.

Do you make long cycling or hiking trips? Or do you spend time outside doing some other activity? Then a summer jacket is exactly what you need. Airforce ladies' jackets from the summer collection are breath-taking, water resistant and they feature a light stretch. This means they offer a lot of freedom of movement and are delightfully comfortable to wear. Furthermore, they make sure you arrive at your place of destination dry and well, even when the weather outside is less than pretty.

Airforce Ladies' Jackets for Every Occasion

Airforce jackets for ladies can be worn in almost any situation. Are there outdoor activities on the program? Then it's best to make sure you pack an Airforce ladies' jacket from the summer collection. Most of these jackets are lightweight and easy to bring along wherever you go.

Is there unexpected rain, or are you still out and about late at night? Then an Airforce ladies' jacket from our summer collection will see that you stay warm and dry. Even if you cycle a lot you can really cool down in the summer. As a cyclist you catch a lot of wind. In such situations, an Airforce ladies' jacket is ideal.

Our ladies' jackets combine well with many different styles. We produce Airforce summer jackets for ladies in many different colours and designs. Whether you're looking for a sporty or a tough-looking jacket, or rather a summer jacket with a more feminine look, Airforce makes it all possible. For every lady the ideal summer jacket can be found in our online shop.

The Right Summer Jacket for any Look

It is important to choose a summer jacket that matches your look well. Do you like to dress in a more feminine style, with a touch of the classical? Then the Airforce Long Softshell Jacket is the jacket for you. This summer jacket is available in 5 different colours. This is a longer jacket with a straight, regular fit. This model is very lightweight and has a hood that keeps your hair dry during summer rain showers. The jacket has a zipper that runs nice and high, and 2 handy flap pockets. The Long Technical Shell Jacket is also suited for women with a feminine style.

That model runs in an A-line. This accentuates your feminine shapes and obscures your belly and any possible love handles in a styleful way. Are you looking for a sporty, no-nonsense jacket with few knick-knacks? Then you might prefer a classic Airforce Softshell Jacket. This summer jacket is available in 5 different colours and has a zipper, buttons and a removable hood. A particularly trendy summer jacket is the Airforce Oversized Softshell Jacket. This jacket has an oversized fit and extra wide sleeves.

This jacket has a hood with an elastic cord. At the bottom of the jacket there is another cord. By tightening both these cords you create more sporty and snappy of a look. This jacket is made of Technical Polyester and sold in 4 trendy colours. If you're rather looking for a nice bomber or padded jacket, in whatever colour you fancy, our online shop has what you need.

Buying Airforce Ladies' Clothing from the Summer Collection

All of the items from the Airforce summer collection for ladies are available in our online shop. Order your new ladies' jacket from Airforce today, and make the best of the summer. Are you curious about our men's summer collection or about the kids' summer collection? These are also ready for you on our website. We have beautiful summer jackets for men and summer jackets for kids. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service. We are glad to help you along.