On-Base Housing

Air Force soldiers with families have the option of living either on-base or off-base.

The quality of on-base housing varies greatly - many Air Force posts have high-quality housing units, but some are badly in need of repair. The waiting list for on-post housing can be long - from one month up to a year. If you have to live off-base while waiting for on-base housing to open up, the Air Force will help move your property from your off-base housing to your new residence.

The size of the on-base housing unit you receive depends on the number of dependents you have. On-base housing usually includes most utilities (water, electricity, gas, trash pickup) although cable TV and phone are not included. Appliances (except clothes washers and dryers) are usually provided, although not all units will have dishwashers.

Unlike living in the dorms, on-base housing is not subject to regular inspections, unless safety or sanitary reports are received. The outside of housing unit must be maintained to fairly strict guidelines, however.

When you move out, be aware that the house will be inspected, and will expected to be spotless!