Living in the Dormitories

Most single low-ranking enlisted men will start their Air Force careers by living in on-post dorms. Fortunately, the Air Force has been undergoing massive improvements to their dormitory facilities in the past few years, so the living conditions are much improved.

Once out of training, accommodations are quite nice with two primary types of dorms. Older one-plus-one dorms give each airman a private room and a shared bathroom/small kitchen with one other person, while the newer Dorms-4-Airmen facilities give each airman a private room and bathroom, while sharing a living room, kitchen, and laundry facilities with 3 other airmen.

While living in the barracks, airmen may expect to receive two types of inspections.

  • Periodic inspections may or may not be announced, and are mainly ensuring that the room is in good condition (bed made, room clean).
  • "Health and Welfare Inspections" (HWI) are never announced and usually occur around 0200 hours. They are thorough inspections for any contraband, and are usually accompanied by a urinalysis test.

At some posts, some low-ranking single soldiers can elect to move off-post, but they won't receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). Occasionally they may even be able to live in on-post housing. However, Priority 1 (essential personnel) and Priority 2 (E-1 to E3 and E-4 with less then 3 years) without dependents are required to live in the dorms.